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Travel + Leisure Readers Rank Dallas-Fort Worth 6th Worst-Dressed City in America

What are you talking about, Travel + Leisure? Have you not seen our awesome Tetris pants? (photo: StyleSheet)
What are you talking about, Travel + Leisure? Have you not seen our awesome Tetris pants? (photo: StyleSheet)

This is old news made new again, seeing as it’s based on a survey from last year in which visitors to, and residents of, Dallas-Fort Worth rated the area on all manner of qualities.  We didn’t do well.

Now Travel + Leisure has trotted out some of the collected information in a new pageview-magnet slideshow of the Worst-Dressed Cities in America. Anchorage, Alaska, finished at the bottom, according to visitors.  We ranked 30th out of the 35 cities on stylishness (making us the sixth-worst-dressed.) Here’s what the magazine wrote:

Bigger seems to always be better in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; just take one look at the infamously over-the-top JumboTron at the Cowboys Stadium. And when it comes to getting dressed, big hair, conspicuous designer labels, and slick snakeskin boots are the norm. “Less is more” is not a phrase heard round these parts.

So the editors dusted off a bit of copy written in, oh, maybe 1983, swapped out “Ewings of Southfork” with a jab about JerryWorld, and then called it a day. Probably stopped off at the co-op for some organic hummus and fresh kale juice before retiring to their Park Slope brownstones.

Anyway, we need not be hurt by the criticisms of a bunch of snobs in New York City, no sir. We have our self-confidence to protect us. In the same Travel + Leisure survey, we rated ourselves the ninth-best-dressed city.

20 comments on “Travel + Leisure Readers Rank Dallas-Fort Worth 6th Worst-Dressed City in America

  1. It’s true, though. The crappy fashion, bad make-up, 10 year old haircuts…it’s really bad here. It’s not teh fashionable people that are bad, but the median is horrible

  2. You know who pays attention to these hack lists? Other hacks. Stop doing it.

  3. Maybe if they closed all the Ed Hardy and graphic t-shirt type places we could clean this place up…send them back to the burbs where all these types come from.

  4. slick snakeskin boots are the norm? Where? Even over here in FW, I seldom see slick anything boots as the norm. The norm would be work boots wouldn’t it?

  5. Ahhhhhh. Snobbish, organic-food-eating New Yorkers.

    Just as stale of a cliche as the big hair, nonstylish Texans.

    Both born from laziness.

  6. They’re hating on all sorts of cool cities, and not just in the central US! I guess heavily tatted-up populations are exempt b/c they don’t even mention Austin and I’ve seen some sad & bad fashion there recently. Anyway, the biggest evidence this is out-dated is the fact that, with all the recent transplants to the DFW area, there is even less of a TX stereotype when it comes to fashion, bad or otherwise. Related: At least we’re not as bad as San Antonio!

  7. Maybe you should care a bit more that we were ranked 35 out of 35 in intelligence. THAT is embarrassing.

  8. T&L magazine’s surveys are the biggest joke. DFW has not once ranked half-way decently in any survey this magazine has put out. Look at the results for their Favorite City category. DFW ranks near the bottom by visitors in almost every single category, even in the things that we do excel at. And contrary to many folk’s beliefs, we do excel at many things here. I think someone has a vendetta against DFW.

  9. When are we going to see “America’s Most Embarrassed Cities”? Dallas is a sure winner. From our silly clothes to our silly hair and the silly things we eat, to the way we drive and the tattoos. The wealthy are an embarrassment. The poor are an embarrassment. Homeowners, homeless, all embarrassing – and the way we talk about how embarrassed we are every time a new list comes out and how we all want to move to Duncanville.

  10. It’s the 972 VIPs from the suburbs who ruin it. Please ban their Ed Hardy dragon print shirts. And 972 guys: get rid of your creepy facial hair.

  11. Just sayin’ take a little trip to San Francisco and look at someone REALLY wear a pair of just jeans and see how fashionable they put that on and together….we have a long way to go to look that fabulous…and that is just in a pair of jeans..and look how much money Texans tout that they have….doesn’t buy good taste or dressing.

  12. So, my Ed Hardy t-shirts tucked into my stonewashed Lee jeans, which are then tucked into my snakeskin boots, are a fashion no-no? What about the frosted tips on my hair?

  13. I also think these lists are a joke, but could we seriously take a look at what has almost become a uniform among women in Dallas in the last year or two? The god-awful Nike running short, t-shirt, ratty flip flop look! It’s horrible. Running shorts belong on the Katy Trail or White Rock Lake or the gym. That’s it. They’re unflattering, ugly and sloppy. Is it such a reach to don some nice tailored shorts and sandals?

  14. Yeah, I know what you mean, J bennet. I mean, I don’t really know what you mean. But I hear ya. I guess. I’m feeling all like unfabulous in my just jeans, if that was your intent. Happy now?

    I could give a flying crap at the moon about fashion, but it seems to me that Dallas’ wealthy women in their 20s to 40s are actually fairly fashion-forward. Everybody else dresses like a douchebag, a suburban dad on an outing, a Bubba, or a second-rate, provincial hipster (in roughly descending order of prevalence).