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PaperCity Typo Is Irrestible Blog Fodder

PaperCity3You might think that when I saw this enormous typo on the current cover of PaperCity, I cackle-laughed and unleashed a torrent of ridicule. Well, you’d be wrong. What I did was, I cackle-laughed and unleashed a torrent of ridicule — and then I got a stomachache. Because I’ve been there. I’ve done that. (Though never on the cover.) And, chances are, because I’ve put up this post, I will do it again. (This time on the cover.) There really are few things worse than getting a publication back from the printer and being confronted with irrefutable proof that you can sometimes fail to do the most basic part of your job. I wrote a 2,000-word profile of a pizzaiolo not long ago in our pages. In the very first sentence, I wrote that he was covered with flower. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

20 comments on “PaperCity Typo Is Irrestible Blog Fodder

  1. “I wrote a 2,000-word profile a pizzaiolo . . . ” You’re eff’in with us, right?

  2. Get with it, Tim. “Irrestibly” is a new word that’s catching on fast in lots of places. It means something like “utterly” or “absolutely.”

  3. @RAB: Sorry, I left out an important detail. Before the guy became a pizzaiolo, he was an MIT engineer who built a drug-smuggling submarine for the Zetas. Also, he was married to one of the Schlegels.

  4. @RAB – He didn’t get it.
    @timmytyper – Please don’t call my boss.

  5. I propose that “irrestible” be added to our lexicon, along with the adverb form, “irrestibly.” I say it refers to something or someone you cannot be put to bed, or to sleep. Ex: “The baby is really irrestible this morning, probably because it’s been lightningning all day.”

  6. @Rodknee — He got it. I just think he’s eff’in with us. But just in case . . .

    @Tim Rogers — GD, boy. Go back and read the GD sentence!

    @Rodknee — (I stole the “GD” from Zac.)

  7. I never saw this when Rob Brinkley was with Paper City. Coincidence? No.

  8. @mynameisbill- why am I @ing myself? I don’t know. Well, stop it!

  9. @Terri – Really? It looks like that poor guy in Miami who had his face chewed off.

  10. I didn’t have my glasses on and I thought it was a trendy photo of the Miami Cannibal victim…all that red, a human on the side…. Face it, “irrestibly” ought to exist.