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Making Dallas Even Better

Leppert Scores with “Empty Suit” Spot

The DMN‘s Robert T. Garrett is wrong about Tom Leppert’s new Senate-primary ad, where the former Dallas mayor dismisses his opponents as “empty suits.” Garrett says the spot is weak. But it’s actually the best one Leppert’s done yet, perfect for the TV-commercial genre, where a punchy, superficial, easily grasped message is prized above all. […]

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Blockbuster’s Final Act in DFW: Relocation to Denver

Talk about an anticlimax. Blockbuster, the down-on-its-luck video-rental chain, is moving its corporate headquarters from McKinney to Denver, taking a bunch of good-paying jobs with it. Meantime Jim Keyes, the former CEO who led the company into bankruptcy, said the other day that he’s working on a start-up retail operation, but isn’t ready to announce […]

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