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Josh Hamilton Sex Tape?

Last week, I said that I needed some more details about Josh Hamilton’s night at Sherlock’s before I was ready to classify it as a relapse. Well, now it appears that there might be a sex tape from Sherlock’s. Randy Galloway says two people are shopping images taken that night of Hamilton in flagrante. Not good.

15 comments on “Josh Hamilton Sex Tape?

  1. Shopping images is one thing (particularly from a credible source) but to give attention to a comment on LSB that a sex tape might be involved is poor journalism. Giving notice to a comment on a fan blog that 99.9% of readers probably would never have seen seems like it was meant purely to bring in web traffic.

  2. Uh yea, who said it was a tape? And nothing described the content in the “images” except comments from unreliable sources. Good job D Mag.

  3. Why wouldn’t Josh or the Rangers just double or triple the bid that any magazine would offer. Draft up a contract that makes the use exclusive where any violation would subject the sellers to liability and be done with it. Saves Josh and the Rangers from having it released and saves the embarrassment to the girl(?) and her family and friends and employer that nobody ever thinks about.

  4. Gotta agree with Daniel on this one. The comment thread on LSB seems unsubstantiated and vauge at best – hardly justifying either the eye-catching headline or the description in the post. I’m sure we all hope the rumor isn’t true, but this blog post will get a lot of people started talking as if it is.

  5. Daniel, this is Tim Rogers that you’re talking about. Of course it’s poor journalism. But he’s also the low life scum that calls people at work and threatens to get them fired if they leave a bad comment on his posts. And now he’s the low life scum that spreads gossip. He really brings this blog down to scumbag level.

  6. I hear there is a sex tape of Tim Rogers being shopped, but the only offers made were to turn the tape off. Can you honestly state that your statement has any more credibility than mine? Good job Rogers. Josh Hamilton is a man fighting a battle everyday and for the most part he is winning. I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t make bad choices or decisions once in a while. He has more courage in his little finger than you have in your entire being. Grow up and stop posting crap.

  7. I heard about this bathroom sex tape last Thursday when the news first broke. I heard about it from another reporter in the DFW area. Last week, someone had tried shopping it to KTVT (11) and WFAA (8) for $40k.

  8. Wonder if the girl in the picture /video has anything to lose-husband boyfriend. If I took video over a stall I think I would want to remain anonymous

  9. Hambone is his hospitalized brother. If Josh would have been at the hospital in NC seeing his sick brother , maybe he wouldn’t be in this s##t !!

  10. This guy is an alcoholic who needs help, not out playing baseball. And everyone that is sticking up for him, what hypocrites – if he was a black athlete you would be calling for his head.