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Making Dallas Even Better

Dr. Phil Gets A Kick in the Pants

There is much to dislike about UNT product Dr. Phil (McGraw). You’ll recall two former DMN writers published an entire book of stuff to dislike about him. Now comes an open letter from the president of the nation’s largest skeptic group. I’m not sure where endorsing “psychics” ranks next to inappropriately touching patients, selling dangerous weight-loss […]

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Primer Director Shane Carruth Films New Project in The Colony Aquatic Park

Way back in 2004, an engineer-turned-filmmaker from Richardson named Shane Carruth won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival with his head-scratcher of a $7,000 science fiction film, Primer. D Magazine explained how the project came to be. Since then, not much has been heard of Carruth, though he apparently is still working […]

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Seth Winder Creates a Conundrum for the Criminal Justice System

Brantley Hargrove brings us the sordid story of Seth Winder, the man accused of brutally murdering and dismembering his lover, Richard Hernandez, in 2008. The case received plenty of national attention. First, detectives working the case appeared on the A&E show The First 48. Then Winder’s stepmother wrote a book about him “slipping into madness.” […]

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Leading Off (1/12/12)

No More Dublin Dr Pepper. To settle a lawsuit with Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, the 120-year-old bottling facility in Dublin will stop producing and distributing Dr Pepper using the original cane sugar formula, but I guess you’ll still be able to get it or something? I don’t know. Clear it up for me, Channel […]

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