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New License Plate Law Kind of Screwed Up

So you know what happens when you wait until the last day of the legislative session to pass a whole flurry of bills? Some of them end up missing things, things that change the entire purpose of the law. Like in Arkansas a couple years ago, when they unintentionally made it OK to marry a baby, or something, by accident. Or this past legislative session in Texas, when they accidentally gave a law designed to make it a bigger deal to not have or obscure a license plate, but instead kind of gave it no teeth by forgetting the fine, apparently.

I’m no lawyer, or I’d be off lawyering and making big bank and scaring people. And man, I’d have this giant house with a maid that would just do floors, all day long. And two dogs – Herve Villechaize and Nipsey Russell. What was I saying?  Right. I’m no lawyer, but if I got a ticket for missing a license plate after this law goes into effect, since the AG’s office will take six months to rule on the legalities, I might just fight it. I think.

8 comments on “New License Plate Law Kind of Screwed Up

  1. Many states require only one license plate. Wouldn’t it save money (either general tax revenues used to pay for the manufacturing of the plates or license fees specifically paid by motorists) if Texas just went to a single plate?

  2. @JS – I’ve been told that all states along the US border are federally mandated to require dual plates, but I can’t seem to find verification of that online right now.

  3. This is Texas…where we do everything bigger and better! and having two license plates, just reaffirms that! keep y’alls heads up, dudes & dudettes!

  4. I’m more interested in you having dogs named Herve Villechaize and Nipsey Russell. Would Nipsey bark in rhymes?

  5. God, I hope so, Drew. Also, my services as pet namer are for sale. I’m really good at it.