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Making Dallas Even Better

Outrage Over Rangers Tape is Weird, Misplaced

Why all this outrage (sub. req.) over the Rangers’ “leaked” audiotape? As in the latest hot-mic incident revealing our leaders’ true thoughts about Israel’s prime minister, seems like folks ought to be relishing, not damning, such entertaining glimpses behind the curtain. Especially at a time when phonied up and scripted is the order of the […]

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Texas Rangers Losing World Series in Crushing Fashion Won More Fans Than Would Have Winning

Missed this last week (H/T to The Dish for pointing it out today.) Ross Douthat of the New York Times speaks the truth: As a rule, it isn’t winning a title that usually cements a fan base’s loyalty to a baseball team. It’s almost winning – having victory within your grasp and then having your heart ripped […]

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Leading Off (11/8/11)

Oklahoma Still Rocking. Last night another earthquake in Oklahoma was strong enough to be felt in Dallas. I’m sure it has nothing at all and whatsoever to do with fracking. Occupy Dallas Protesters Get Hosed. With two big downtown events coming up (a Veteran’s Day Parade and the grand opening of the Dallas Omni Hotel), […]

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