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Calling Out a Rude Commenter

Earlier today, I posted an open letter to Derek Holland in which I took issue with the young man’s comedy stylings in the dugout during last night’s game. It wasn’t that I thought Holland’s impression of Harry Caray was bad. I just thought it was delivered at the wrong time. And, yes, as several commenters pointed out, Joe Buck and the Fox crew deserve much of the blame for asking Holland to do his impression in the first place. Many of the commenters had good points, and they were expressed politely and with good intentions.

One commenter, however, didn’t play nice. I did not approve his remarks, but here is what he wrote, using the handle “Mrs. Tim Rogers”:

Timmy honey,

Eat a bag of dicks and choke on them and die.

Your Wife.

The best part? He submitted this comment using his work email address (I checked the IP address, too). This guy works for a very large local organization. I will not name the firm. Nor will I name the commenter. The guy doesn’t deserve to lose his job over this small matter. He’s a Rangers fan, right? We’re all in this thing together. Anyway, I tracked the guy down and gave him a call at work. Enjoy.

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  • Daniel


    Safely ensconced behind my screen moniker, I feel no compunction about calling you a ****, a ***** and a *** who ***** her own *****.

    And that’s just in English.

  • Avid Reader

    I’d be willing to be less anonymous, as long as I don’t have to get a f-book account.

  • Austin

    NICE. This is possibly the greatest example of how to handle a troll I’ve ever seen. Well done!

  • Ed Bark

    More power to you for phoning the knuckle-dragger at his workplace, Tim.

    But you didn’t then have to put on a show. It should have remained between you and him. That is, unless he’s a working member of the media. If so, out the S.O.B. He SHOULD be fired.

  • Cheryl C.

    Tim, It sounds like you are jealous because you aren’t the professional baseball player.

    At least Derek Holland isn’t a self-appointed snob. Who are you to decide what is or not appropriate? He was not going to play at all that night. It’s a baseball game, not church.

  • Jeff G

    As a sports blogger myself, I have no idea what Tim’s line of thinking is here. If it wasn’t for eat a bag of d**ks guy reading Tim’s material at his workplace, Tim wouldn’t exist. Tim calls out a public sports figure, then gets called out himself in a classless fashion. Tim’s decision? Take the extortion high road and call the guy at work threatening to turn him in for reading/posting on the internet at work. You stay classy, Tim.

    Seriously, eat a bag and call me at work if you don’t choke. I really wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  • Scott

    Your such a child for doing that. you have a blog. Take the good with the bad and move on. Sir, please choke on a bag of dicks.