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Excelsior! Rod Dreher Is Now My Co-Worker (Sorta).

Big Bob mentioned yesterday the news that former Morning News editorial writer Rod Dreher (he of Crunchy Con fame) has left his gig with the Templeton Foundation to take up with an magazine called The American Conservative. Rod explains here why he’s pumped to have the new job. Anyway, what Bob didn’t mention is that The American Conservative is a Wick Allison joint. He’s the CEO of The American Ideas Institute, the nonprofit publisher of the magazine. My understanding is that Rod now reports directly to me, in a sort of more or less weak dotted line way. Couldn’t be happier.

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5 comments on “Excelsior! Rod Dreher Is Now My Co-Worker (Sorta).

  1. It would be funny to see Rod Dreher and Steve Blow wrestle in Japanese diapers before a jostling, bibulous crowd of jeering cretins.

    I’m Daniel D. Daniels, citizen, and this is what I believe.

  2. Who gets to say: “What he have here … is a failure to communicate!” (?)

    As for you, Daniel, I was just about to go to lunch. But now I’m not hungry. Thanks.

  3. @Rod Dreher: The Old Monk is the headquarters for a new publication I’ve launched called The American Libertine (don’t ask why I didn’t choose the Libertine, long story). If you think the staffs from the two publications can get along, we’ll see you there.