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Spread Eagle Saloon To Open in Downtown

Proof that I'm not making up this name.
Proof that I'm not making up this name.

A lot of things have been opening up downtown lately. And I’m excited for each and every one of them. Yesterday, I discovered a new place that will open eventually. (I should have noticed it earlier, but I rarely walk along the backside of my building.) It’s a bar. And it’s called Spread Eagle Saloon.

Now, I’m not good at naming things. My childhood pet was a potbellied pig. I couldn’t think of a name. My mom asked what my favorite flower was, and I said roses. Thus, the pig’s name became Rosy. My first pet’s name was Flower (she was a rabbit). But as bad as I am at naming things, I think I could do better with my bar than Spread Eagle Saloon. But seeing the theme I apparently work with, it would have been Lily or something, so maybe not.

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9 comments on “Spread Eagle Saloon To Open in Downtown

  1. I think it will make a charming addition to all the eateries around town with such “clever” names as Rusty Taco and Pink Taco. Vaginas are the new food trucks.

  2. saw this too. is it too much to hope for midnight porn n eggs? err, i mean, a name change?

  3. I hope that by “Saloon” it means we will enter through saloon doors shaped like a woman’s thighs.

  4. Vaginas are “the world’s oldest food trucks.” Especially Kristen Judith McIlwreath’s.

  5. This spot is next to an Ace Cash Express, so we know who the clientele here will be. Woo hoo!