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9 comments on “Is Our Calatrava Bridge a Copy of Reggio Emilia’s?

  1. I thought everybody already knew this? Were we supposed to get an original design? What the heck is going on? Why am I asking so many questions?

  2. Old news is old. I suspect Calatrava designed the Dallas one first, and, since he had actually met with the city council, figured it would never get built. Italy comes calling, so Santiago goes and digs this up from his flat files.

  3. I swear I remember seeing a post about this last year on this very blog, but I’m lazy and don’t feel like looking through the archives. I’ll assume Tim did not author the original post.

  4. Are you kidding me? All his bridges look alike. See here:

    I’ve come to believe that Santiago Calatrava isn’t a real person, and is really just some sort of coin-operated bridge designing machine.

  5. @Senor: Assume nothing. Tim is essentially Leonard from Memento, minus the tattoos and actual medical or psychological reason for forgetting something as soon as it happens.

  6. @Zac: Does that mean that we should be reading Frontburner in reverse in order to reveal what actually happened?

  7. Whippersnappers! In my day that was the White Album (you know, the Beatles?)