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Jennifer Aniston Will Destroy Us All

The view from D Magazine's 21st-floor kitchen
The view from D Magazine's 21st-floor kitchen

This ad on the side of a West End parking garage gives me visions of a giant, topless Jennifer Aniston, rampaging through our fair city like Godzilla through Tokyo. … This will not be a productive day.

15 comments on “Jennifer Aniston Will Destroy Us All

  1. If it’s my time to go, crushed by a giant topless Jennifer Anniston doesn’t sound like such a bad way to go.

  2. I live two blocks away from this ad….on the opposite side of the building. This makes me sad.

  3. +1 for the Office Space reference, Mantooth. What a beautiful way to die. Crushed by Rachel’s boob.

  4. @ Long Memory,

    They have changed their parking rates, $20 for for every 15 minutes

  5. @Chris Chris:

    Not as beautiful as I’d been led to believe.

  6. @XT: How about 7 minutes?

    Anyway, here’s a note to the D Magazine staff: If you can’t stand the hotness, get out of the kitchen.

  7. a view like this one might get me to move from my home office back to a cube farm