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Making Dallas Even Better

Where the Mayoral Watching Parties Will Be Watched

Just in case you’ve misforgotten, we’re electing a new mayor tomorrow (much to Dwaine Caraway’s chagrin). Here is where the candidates will be watching the results tomorrow night and, based on that, who I think will win the election: David “Good to Great” Kunkle: San Francisco Rose Assessment: Solid choice. Kunkle has positioned himself (back […]

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Pickens: Koch Brothers Behind Attacks on Energy Plan

Billionaire T. Boone Pickens says political conservatives and tea-party types should embrace his Pickens Plan for natural-gas use, not attack it because of its tax credits for natural gas. Citing published reports, the Dallas energy magnate said the wealthy Koch Brothers of Koch Industries are behind the attacks. The Kochs, he said, have holdings in […]

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Caraway: Review All Park Department Procedures

In the wake of the “Happy Trails” safety-program controversy, Dallas Mayor Dwaine Caraway says he’d like to see a complete review of processes and procedures at the city Park Department. “It’s not about the politics,” Caraway said last night, asked about the flap over the $84,000-plus “Trails” contract that was spread among several firms, including […]

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FightNight Insiders Put Kunkle on Top

Boxers like Felipe Castenada and Calvin Shepherd duked it out last night at the annual FightNight fund-raiser, two days before the Dallas mayoral election. But after this week’s news stories, which had candidates Ron Natinsky and Mike Rawlings trading jabs and body blows, you were sort of hoping the mayoral hopefuls would show up and […]

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