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‘God Loves My Politicized Religion’ Seminar

Perkins School of Theology will host a seminar on April 12 at Perkins Chapel on the topic, “God Loves Diversity & Justice.” Here are the self-descriptions of the panelists:

“A Human and Feminist from Gaza, Palestine”
“A Jewish Prophet”
“An Exilic Chinese-American”
“A White American Working-Class Feminist”
“A Feminist Muslim Lawyer”
“A Transethnic Korean-American Feminist Theologian”
“A Progressive White Male German-American Theologian”
“An African American Communications Professor”
“A Jewish Russian-American-Israeli Hebrew Bible Scholar”

This seems to me to be a quite restricted representation of diversity, and I am sure FrontBurnervians will have other perspectives to recommend to Perkins for inclusion. For those interested in attending, the seminar details are here.

9 comments on “‘God Loves My Politicized Religion’ Seminar

  1. I am a polygamous meat-eating Cambodian SUV driver who wears fur and won’t recycle.

  2. It’s about time Christians realized that there are humans in Gaza.

  3. What, no dyslexic agnostics who wonder if there really is a Dog?

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  4. Yet another example of why SMU really is “Sometimes Methodist University.”