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22 comments on “Dwaine Caraway Gets YouTubed for Michael Vick Incident

  1. This is pretty hilarious, can’t imagine a parody video done in black face going down to well with a lot of people though.

  2. 100 internets to you my friend

    The same people that are keeping EBJ in office are going to vote for Caraway..they see past these “indiscretions”.

  3. They seriously didn’t have at least one black friend that could’ve starred in this, making it appropriate for me repost on my facebook??? Such an awesome shame.

  4. @Destiny – What? Seriously. Watch SNL? White Chicks? This is parody, not an indictment.

    Because it doesn’t “star” a black person shouldn’t take away from the quality of the work – wouldn’t that be racist if your statement reversed the race?

  5. Points for creativity and effort. But blackface is frowned upon in most circles these days, even if it’s for comedic purposes. And calling Vick a “boy?” This makes me nervous, FrontBurner. Just sayin’.

  6. Hasn’t, blackface, always been used for comedic purposes? It was racist then… and it still is now. Ethical fail, for whoever created this and posted it.

  7. Hilarious!! The fault is on Caraway and Vick. You can’t blame anyone for bringing light to public FACT!! This video is gonna BLOW UP!!!!

  8. This is great, hilarious, truthful and very well done. Bravo to whoever thought of it and put it together.

  9. Hey, didn’t Michael Jackson use whiteface for the last couple years of his life as a parody (of himself)? No one complained about that.