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Making Dallas Even Better

Super Bowl Changes for Prince, Pamela Anderson and Gene Simmons

It’s only Monday and Super Bowl mega-events are already changing. The Morning News is reporting that the Prince concert on Friday at the tented acreage that-once-was-Reunion has been moved to the InterContinental. At last check, tickets were still starting at one mortgage payment. . . or, rather $1,500. Discount hound Big Bob Wilonsky over at […]

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Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: Jan. 31

Can you believe it’s almost February? Sure you can, because the radio weatherman told me that it’s supposed to start raining “ice pellets” around midnight. Nothing says February in Texas like some sort of ambiguously named, winter-esque precipitation. On the bright side, I just learned that the obscene amount of time I’ve spent playing Fruit […]

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“I’m Not Buying It” Campaign Addresses Sex Trafficking During Super Bowl

The group Traffick 911 has targeted the north Texas area as a possible hotbed of sex trafficking, because reportedly Super Bowls and sex trafficking go hand in hand.  Their campaign, which includes PSA’s from people like Dallas Cowboys tackle Jay Ratliff, is called “I’m Not Buying It.” Right now, the group says, the NFL has […]

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Leading Off (1/31/11) – Super Bowl Week Kickoff Edition

1. Dallas Maintains Image-Conscious Neuroses: What better way to kick off the first Super Bowl week in North Texas history than to remind ourselves that we are insecure about the image this region projects to the rest of the country. The DMN urges visitors to ignore the stereotypes, just as last week’s DMN editorial more […]

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