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Fish, Barrel, Steve Blow, Ctd.

Earlier, I questioned Steve Blow’s word usage in a blog post about molestation. At first, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, that maybe he hadn’t really thought out what he was going to say, and just dashed off a blog post.

But then more and more commenters began telling him how wrong he was. How using words like “mainstream” and “refreshing” to talk about female molestation made it sound like there was a group of people it would be OK to molest.

So after enough people, including Andrea Grimes over at the Observer and Geoff Johnston also took him to task for it, he finally pipes up with this:

“My goodness, nothing but literalists in the house today?

Word o’ the day: Tongue-in-cheek — “humorously ironic, mocking or insincere.”

A few more people go after him in the comments, and then he finally “apologizes.” I use quotes, because let’s read it:

“If you have to explain humor, it has failed. My attempt here at some sardonic humor has obviously failed with a number of readers. I apologize. No offense was intended — except toward pervy priests of any persuasion.”

In other words, “I’m sorry, readers, that you’re too stupid to get my humor. A number of you gauche illiterates didn’t get it, but clearly someone out there does, or I’d say it failed with everyone. Epically.”

The correct apology would go something like that, “I’m sorry, you guys. I didn’t think when I typed, and I clearly tried to make a very serious and sad situation humorous, at the expense of the victims. “

That, dear Mr. Blow, is how an apology works. We’ll try humor later.

UPDATE: If the post was just a joke, why did the Dallas Morning News delete it? No worries, we have the screen shot here.

  • wordy:Liz Landry

    @Jack E. Jett Harvey Lacey is not wrong? How is blaming the victim not wrong? I feel like I have entered the Twilight Zone and pretty soon people are going to be able to start explaining to me how the Holocaust never happened and I’ll have to listen and say, “Now, that’s a good point.” Do I expect everyone to have the same level of anger as me? No, I don’t. But, can I be shocked when someone’s ethically and moral bar is set so low that I am once again reminded why crap like this is allowed to happen in the first place? Yes, I will.

  • amanda

    Yes. Liz, it’s exactly like the Twilight Zone when “everyone has a valid point.” Bullshit. Right and wrong apply, especially in this situation. The mere suggestion that a minor contributes in any way to victimization is a dangerous slipper slope. Now, excuse me, as I need to slip into a short skirt and tank top to walk around in a bad part of town…

  • Jack E. Jett

    Harvey Lacy is one of the coolest guys on the planet. He was not blaming the victim.

    However..ask yourself why your anger is not directed at the Catholic Church, the Vatican, the Pope for molesting children in the first place. Girl or boys.

    No one should blame the victim. Nor should they blame someone who happens to write about it.

    The Catholic Church has not only gotten away with years and years of child molestation, they have got their congregation to pay for it. Do you blame people who still give to a church that hides behind the cross while participating in child abuse?

    To compare a comment made by Steve Blow to the Holocaust doesn’t really require a response.

    Anyway, Bethany has asked us to simmah.

    I have gone beyond simmah…I am in full chill mode.

  • amanda

    My comments are not directed at the Catholic Church because the thread isn’t about the Catholic Church. When Frontburner puts up a post about the Catholic Church, I may have a comment.

    And, Harvey’s comments DO seem to imply a level of responsibility in molestations are born by victims. Perhaps he will clarify or explain his opinion later.

    And, no, I don’t “blame” people who give to their church as they are commanded to do. It’s in the Bible, and is called a tithe.