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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas-Fort Worth Tribune to Totally Take Market Share From News, Star-Telegram

There’s apparently a new publication launching in these parts called the Dallas-Fort Worth Tribune. At 12:40 today, a sweet, clean FrontBurnervian who also happens to read Unfair Park sent both me and Robert Wilonsky a link to the Texas Workforce Commission listing calling for experienced journalists. Robert got the post up first, at 12:52. This […]

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Leppert: No-Bid Contracts Threaten City’s “Integrity”

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert stepped up his criticism today of those no-bid contracts at Love Field. During his “State of the City Address” to a luncheon of the DowntownDallas group at Union Station, Leppert ripped into the proposed pacts, telling hundreds of attendees that OK’ing the concessionaire arrangements would be “a bad deal” for Dallas. […]

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Scrabble Champ Chris Cree Joins D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament

Stefan Fatsis wrote a highly entertaining book called Word Freak a few years back. It’s all about the strange world of competitive Scrabble players. Among the many quirky characters highlighted is Dallas’ own Chris Cree, who’s currently ranked No. 21 in the U.S. Cree has agreed to play in the D Magazine Words With Friends Tournament, […]

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Should Lily-White Dallas Country Club and Brook Hollow Golf Club Get Tax Exemptions?

D Magazine editor in chief Wick Allison answers that question with a resounding “no” in the June issue of our print product. His “Leading Off” column says Dallas’ hopes of joining the ranks of the world’s greatest cities could be hurt by the continued segregation in the most affluent neighborhoods near downtown: Greenway Parks, Highland […]

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Leading Off (5/25/10)

1. A homeless man was arrested for stealing some chicken nuggets from a Wendy’s on Greenville. Don’t really want to poke fun at that, but it’s still cool if “I paid for those nuggets!” becomes my new all-purpose catchphrase, right? Because I’m kind of going to do it anyway. 2. Jupiter Lanes is closing in […]

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