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City Council Candidate Chazz Redd Smiles With Guns

Charles “Chazz” Redd is running for the District 7 seat of the Dallas City Council. Judging by his MySpace page, he’s a fan of Diana Ross. So far, so good. But problems arise for the candidate when you visit his friend Quanah’s MySpace page, specifically the portion where she posted some pics from New Year’s Eve. I suspect these pics will be taken down shortly, so I’ve provided a screen grab of my favorite. I’m sure Trey can tell us in the comments what Redd is packing. To my eye, though, they look like handguns.

I’m sure every voter in District 7 will share my outrage and bafflement about this. I mean, these people are still using MySpace?!

Update: Dave Levinthal at the DMN got an explanation from Redd. He said he’d been hunting quail and deer and had gotten some blood on his shirt, which is why he removed it for the photograph. Then, apparently realizing that not many people hunt quail and deer together — with handguns — he called Levinthal back and changed his story. This is one for the pantheon.

  • Anne
  • Casie Pierce

    Um… how many of you are REGISTERED to vote in District 7????

  • Matt Pulle
  • me

    what does her webpage mean by “sweet revenge”

  • jrp

    me, take a look at Matt’s post above yours for your answer…

    this was one of the greatest posts ever on FB, right up there with the Sandra Crenshaw posts

    and i’ve been singing this song all day since i first saw these pics

  • Troll Doll

    I think she means she put them up there knowing someone doing research would find them eventually, and blast them all over the Web. After all, her mood said victorious.

  • Grumpy Demo

    Guns + New Years Eve + Clothing Optional

    What could go wrong?

    FYI, this AM the DMN reports that Redd said he was teaching a “gun safety course” which must include the central point: You should stay away from anyone “drunk, naked, and waving a pistol in each hand”.

  • Dallasite

    @Casie Pierce

    “Um… how many of you are REGISTERED to vote in District 7????”

    It affects all of us, not just district 7.

  • Theresa

    you people are nuts….She probably left them up there so people like you would have something to talk about, since you obviously have nothing better to do!!! City councilman candidate owns guns…wooohooo…what’s the freakin big deal??

  • theresas friend

    momma always said you were the stupidest in the litter!!!!

  • Shandi

    You people need to get out of the man’s personal business and get a life of your own….so what if he owns a gun…since when is that illegal?? There are many more issues we need to be putting forth such effort to talk about….

  • Casie Pierce

    This is just the first fun thing about this current city council race and so of course everyone wants to talk about it. I mean come on, how fun is talking about how much money Brint Ryan’s gonna spend in District 13? This is much better.

    @ Dallasite- what exactly affects all of us? That a man in Dallas who is a registered gun owner and has a jaded ex-girlfriend looks good without a shirt on? What does that have to do with my taxes getting raised because of the convention center hotel? Have you even listened to any of the other candidates running for council? At least this guy understands how a bond works.

  • Rollo

    Here is the problem… this picture alone is not really that bad. I mean he is allowed to have his shirt off and he is allowed to own guns. So far no problem.
    Now the fact that he “teaches gun safety” and has his fingers on the triggers… that could be a problem. The fact that if you consider all the other pictures taken on New Years Eve 2008 in this girls folder, they paint a picture of 2 people partying very hard, while pointing weapons at each other and taking pictures. Again… a no no.

    But even more…. there were then pictures of illegal and modified weapons laid out gang style, now if this was 20 years ago, you could say “hey I was young and dumb and I grew out of it”. This was 3 months ago… that’s really the issue.

    This one picture is not an issue on it’s own, or hardly one. But now that the beauty that was Quanah’s myspace has been edited… most people will never appreciate the full picture painted. But it was something to behold.

  • casie pierces real mindh

    news flash!!!!!!! Quanah is his lover and secretary

  • me

    For someone who who is gung ho for Dist 7 – ms. Pierce you should have done a better job prospecting who will run your neighborhood. for someone who knows EVERYTHING why didnt you run????? what you aint got no guns???????

  • Shandi

    to Rollo….Where exactly is this picture you speak of….2 people pointing guns at each other….Get Real!!!!!There is no such picture. It’s amazing how people add lib as much as possible to something like this to try and make someone look as bad as possible.

  • laquan

    this casie pierce person also has a pending litigation for embezzelment!!!!! damn you are all corrupt!!! Now it explains why packs of dogs run together.

  • Q

    Its so obvious you fell for the bluff. You know the pictures well!!!!! I love how Chazz was “flabbergasted” so flabbered that he left comments under the pictures!!!! Youre right Chazz your Ol Lady does have a nice back!!!!!!!!!!!!! me-2 shandi still 0

  • Parkdale people

    Don’t speak for Parkdale!!!!!!! We don’t support this candidate. We still want to know where all the misapprpriated funds for our neighborhood patrol went!!!!! At least John Jay Myers has lived in District 7 for 15 years!!!!!! Sorry you were too busy spending our funds to notice. (which gun did you buy him?)

  • Troll Doll

    Anybody wanna rethink that “looks good without his shirt on” stance?

  • R. Dickard

    Too bad he’s not running for a DISD position — then he could surely count on your endorsement. All is rosy in DISD.

  • Pedro Jose Ayala

    Its obvious that “Parkdale people” and others don’t have a clue about about either Charles Redd or Casie Pierce.

    Both have done good things for Parkdale and Dallas. Casie never misappropriated funds for the ENP. She was never even accused of this. Her “crime” was sloppy bookkeeping and not having enough money to defend herself against the likes of the Vickery Meadows mafia + the City of Dallas.

    Charles is a great guy who just can’t seem to get his groove right. He gets flustered and talks himself into a hole rather than just telling the story the way it is: he got screwed over by an ex-girlfriend who obviously (based on her current MySpace photo) holds a rather serious grudge.

  • Casie Pierce

    Um, anyone of you want to be brave enough to put your real names on your posts??

    That’s what I thought, chicken-sh1ts!!!

  • Casie Pierce

    BTW “Parkdale People”, don’t you think it’s a little disingenuous to state that someone else not speak for Parkdale and then turn around and proceed to state that “we”- assuming Parkdale people- “don’t support this candidate”?

    So whoever you are, you’ve decided that you are the anointed speaker for the Parkdale neighborhood? Just who are you anyway, other than a troll?? Go away and STFU.

  • pink flamingoes

    Are yall still having that Chazz Redd block party????? Are we allowed to bring GreyGoose and our favorite quail hunting hand guns???? Go Chazz- Hes an excellent spokesperson for conservative Dallas. Shouldn’t Mr Myers be invited too since he actually does live in the neighborhood?

  • Casie Pierce

    Um, pink flaminoes, Chazz also “lives in the neighborhood”. If you don’t like the district lines, then get on the committee to change them.

  • Vida C

    Wow…crazy posts! I live in Parkdale and I am not voting for Chazz Redd…I refuse to vote for someone who is posting pics of guns on myspace. granted I post pics on myspace but not one’s with me pointing guns at the camera and I am not running for district. These two people came to my house, I was not home, but my husband was and Chazz introduces Quanah as his fiancee, then reports to Dallas News no it’s my ex then changes his mind again. He used a crazy excuse as to why the pics were up, well first denied knowing they were posted but yet comments on the photos on myspace. To me his character and honesty is in question. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, well in this case a picture, but it’s hard not to with the current situation and what you see on myspace. He should have just been honest and flat out told the truth hell we all make mistakes but damn “MAN” up and quit BS’ing. I have been a long time resident of Parkdale and I would hate for someone to represent my district that thinks taking gangster pictures of guns and with guns is ok and let alone post them on myspace for 1000’s of people to see. especially in our neighborhood, we have enough wanna-be gangsters in the neighborhood. I am not saying Chazz is a gangster but he sure did make himself look that way, even if the pics were posted by Quanah, the bad thing is it’s guilty by association. It’s still mind boggling as to why the other pics of all the guns wre posted, not sure what that’s about. Well that’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion’s and thoughts.

  • tori

    @Vida C….if you take a look that’s not his page. He said from the get-go that wasn’t his picture.I don’t live in dist. 7, but thank God with such judgemental people like you. Why don’t you judge him for what he has on his page and not some pissed off girlfriend.

  • Vida C

    Tori…I didn’t say that was his page. Point is the pics were out there. Since when is she his ex? When they came by my home they were together? hmmm? The mystery continues! I don’t need to look at his page, as I said I stated my opinion and I am entitled to that, as he is entitled to pose with guns and no shirt on!

  • Casie Pierce

    @ Vida C. some page returns would be nice.

    Also, wtf is the big deal about guns and no shirt?

  • pink flamingoes

    Government FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Vida C

    Casie, not sure what you mean by “page returns would be nice”??? I am not a fan of guns…so therefore I am not comfortable with the pics I saw whether they are his or not they are posted on a women’s page that came to my home. Honestly I do not have to explain anything to anybody, I feel the way I feel and I am entitled to that!!! 🙂

  • pink flamingoes

    Vida for President

  • michael vick

    As if the guns arent enough he has THE NORTH TEXAS PITBULLS as one of his friends on his my space page. This guy claims to have 20 dogs!!!!!!!

  • Casie Pierce

    I am not a fan of bit bull breeders, especially ones with gansta crap all over their webpages, but you are implying that Chazz claims to have 20 pit bulls, and that is outright false.