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George W Bush Bicycles Where Eagles Dare

Remember Rochester Park? It’s a newish park in the Trinity Corridor close to the area where local birders have reported sightings of bald eagles. Monday, a nature-lovin’ FrontBurnervian Birder spotted an yellow-helmeted ex-President of the United States at Rochester Park. (New species!) My friend pulled up to the park and noticed a black SUV with Maryland license plates. When he got out of the car to hike in the forest, two dudes in black suits approached him. They told him they were scouting a location for George W. Bush to ride his mountain bike. Ten minutes later, a line of six mountain bikes, one with GW, flew past him. No bald eagles reported.

  • WickO’bama

    GMAFB, you simply must read the Constitution, and pay particular attention to the sections that separate powers and provide checks and balances in the government. You obviously have no clue about finance or economics or the history of war. And, you give Bush way too much credit. No one since Hitler has had the power that you ascribe to W. Knowledge is power, GMAFB, arm yourself, man!

    @ Steve, we Godwin’ed! It was after 5pm, but we still Godwin’ed gdmnit!

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    Have you heard the new internet debate commenter law?

    The one first one to use the term Nazi/Hitler
    loose the argument.

    Wicko’Bama, you should read “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris.

  • Obamas teleprompter

    Wow man! You’re really on the cutting edge! First one to use Hitler “looses” the internets? Never heard that one before! Here’s another one, first one to misspell “lose” is laughed at mercilessly.

  • Give Me A Freaking Break

    not a man o-tele.

    but yes very cutting edge.

    the most cutting edge person this city has ever known.

    the most honest up front lady to bless an anchor desk.

  • Obama’s Seat


    “where does the buck stop?”

    Uh, we had an election recently, your answer lies there.

    But the unofficial answer is “no-one knows”.