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Where Does Shaquille O’Neal Live in Frisco?

Or does he? During one of the NBA Cares segments on last night’s All-Star Game, O’Neal (aka The Big Shaqtus, aka The Big Aristotle, aka about a million other things) told Dirk Nowitzki he lived in Frisco. “I bet you didn’t know that,” he said. I didn’t. So, does anyone have a 20 on Shaq’s Frisco digs?


8 comments on “Where Does Shaquille O’Neal Live in Frisco?

  1. don’t know where he lives, but i think he keeps a ‘residence’ here for tax purposes.


  2. Talk about not taking yourself too seriously and having fun in life…..Shaq gets it. Glad to have you in Collin county.

  3. I’ve always heard the he was one of the owner’s of the Frisco Krispy Kreme Doughnut location/franchise. Not sure if it’s true.

  4. Not Shaq related, but I just spotted Laura Green and Joe Prunty at Which Wich in Lewisville.

  5. The rumor has also been that Shaq owns one or two of the strip malls off Gaylord in Frisco. He is supposedly a big fan of Mark Cuban and has said on more than one occasion that he would like to play for the Mavericks.