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IM Just Saying: The Rebecca Miller Interview

rebeccamiller.jpgOn March 5, longtime Channel 5 meteorologist Rebecca Miller learned that her contract would not be renewed. She was kind enough to suffer through a Q&A with me. After the jump, you can learn, among other things, how much weight she plans to lose, where her favorite restaurant in the whole world is, and whether she knows how to make a Tom Collins:

10:57 AM me: trying again

becky: Hey! I’m here now!

10:58 AM me: Look at you. All up in the Interwebs. Extremely proud of you. So you have a few minutes for a Q&A?

becky: Sure…I’m taking all my grad courses on-line, so we have to chat a LOT….I’m doign stuff on the internet I never dreamed of…..ooohhh….

10:59 AM me: I won’t press you to describe these new things you’re doing on the Internet. That might make it tougher to land your next job. Which I’ll get to.

But what grad courses are you taking?

11:01 AM becky: Homeland Security. About a year ago, when things were getting really bad at work, I started exploring other options. We’re from New Orleans, and we all know what happened with Katrina…so I started thinking, “How can I combine a degree in meteorology with media experience? What kind of job would that lead to?” I started with A&M, and they offer grad courses and a program in Homeland security…so I enrolled, got accepted and have started that.

11:02 AM me: Wow. Does that include any training with handguns and so forth?

Because that would be tough to do online, I’d think.

11:03 AM becky: Well, right now, I’m in a homeland security class and an emergency management class….but NEXT semester…it’ll be WMDs!!!

me: Nice.

11:04 AM I just got back from N.O. First time since Katrina. I thought the city looked great. Bourbon Street, downtown, the area up St. Charles to Tulane, etc. — you couldn’t tell that anything had happened.

11:05 AM becky: Yeah…the Quarter didn’t flood, and the uptown area didn’t get much more than wind damage. If I’d known you were going, I could have told you were to go to see houses that are still standing, untouched since they were sitting in 12 feet of water. There are literally tens of thousands of them.

uhh…..that’s “Where to go”

11:06 AM me: We stayed with family. They kept threatening to take us on “a tour of destruction.” Instead, we went to The Commander’s Palace.

11:07 AM becky: My favorite restaurant in the world!!!! We waited and waited for it to open..I think it just opened back in December…

11:08 AM me: Okay, now let’s get to this business at Channel 5. You worked there for, what, 17 years? Harold Taft actually hired you?

11:10 AM becky: Yes..Harold hired me back in 1991. Gave me a test. He asked me the Bernoulli equation. I told him, basically, what it was…and he said, “No, I want the actual equation.” I said, “Man, I don’t remember that!” He said, “Oh, Bernoulli is rolling over in his grave.” I said, “Better him than us!”…and we got along great after that. He had me do a couple more map analyses to make sure I knew what I was doing, they had me do an audition tape, we went to lunch and that was that. They offered me a job by the end of the week…

11:11 AM me: And then that bastard Brian Hocker canned you unceremoniously. Or was it Susan Tully who swung the axe? Which one do you hate more?

11:13 AM becky: No…Brian is just the station spokesperson. He’s a great guy. Susan was my actual boss. I just happened to stumble upon a boss who didn’t like my work. When my contract was up, it provided her the opportunity to put someone in there that she did like. She said my work had gone downhill since 2004, and now that my contract was up, she thought it best that we part ways. I said, “OK”. That was about it.

11:15 AM me: What does that mean, “your work went downhill”? Do they keep a line for people in your work? Was your scoring average down? Were you not rebounding the ball as well?

11:17 AM becky: I have absolutely NO idea what that meant. I don’t recall doing anything particularly poorly since 2004….but bosses don’t really need a reason to get rid of you at the end of a contract. Once the contract’s up, that’s it.

11:18 AM me: It’s a tough business. But part of you HAS to be happy about having to get up early, right? You were let go March 5. How many morning have you slept in?

Sorry. Happy about NOT having to get up early.

11:19 AM becky: Yes…I was just telling someone I don’t have to get up at 2am anymore. That’s awesome. I have slept in every single morning since the 5th. Today, I got up at 8am!!!! That’s waaaay late for me, even for weekends!

11:20 AM me: 2 am? Good grief. Which means now you can actually go out and, say, eat dinner at a restaurant during the week, having a couple of highballs and so forth, and not worry about only getting four hours of sleep.

11:21 AM becky: Totally. When you work the morning shift, your body does not know what do to. You have to eat breakfast at 3am…if you can…dinner by 4pm….it really screwed me up and has done the same for a lot of my coworkers. Michael Scott…who was there before Brendan…put on 80 pounds working that shift! I’ve put on 25, which is a lot for someone only 5’2″. I’m looking forward to getting skinny again.

11:22 AM me: Will you send us pictures?

11:23 AM becky: Ha-ha….of course….or we could just go get dinner and hi-balls…geez I haven’t heard that term since I was bartending on Bourbon Street!!!

me: Wait, wait. You tended bar on Bourbon Street? That is spectacular. Where?

11:25 AM becky: Yeah…back when I was in college. It was only during Christmas break…during the Sugar Bowl (bleh)…and until I had to go back to college. It was a club called 711….one block past where you turn to go to Pat O’Brien’s. I’m not sure it’s even still there. But we poured drinks and learned how to do it as we did it!!! Someone would order something, and we’d say “what’s in that?” and the customer would tell us. They could have totally been making it up, and we never knew. But it was fun.

11:28 AM me: Okay, screw Bernoulli. Here’s a real test. What’s in a Tom Collins? No fair using the Internet.

becky: Have NO idea. Ha-ha! Guess my bartending contract won’t be renewed, either!!!!

11:29 AM me: Yeah, I’ve noticed your work has gone downhill, Becky.

Listen, thanks for doing this.

becky: HA! Sure..I’m not sure how insightful I’ve been. They never really tell you why you’re being told to leave work…wish they did!

11:30 AM me: Do let us know when you can what’s next. Any chance we’ll see you on the Dallas airwaves anytime soon?

11:31 AM becky: I’ve had a few stations call and some options present themselves, so we’ll see. Hey…Tammy just called and she said hello!

11:32 AM me: That scamp. Tell Tammy the next time she’s out drinking with Alexa Conomos, I want more pictures.

11:33 AM becky: You know how much trouble she got over that picture???? Unreal.

11:34 AM me: Oh. No. I didn’t know she got in trouble. I’m so sorry for posting it. And for linking to it again, when I post this Q&A.

Cheers, Becky. We’ll stay in touch.

becky: Sounds great, Tim! Nice talking with you!

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  • Earl

    Just damn! I fundamentally bailed on Ch5 when they ‘shirts’ tossed one of my favorites – Scott Chesner(sp?), however, always peeked in to see Becky and Tammy in the AM.

    The very first time I emailed Becky at the station was yeas ago, and I used “No. 1 WeatherBabe” as the subject..not really knowing how Becky would take that….with all the PC stuff and all. In fact, she thought it was complimentary…the original intent, of course, and she always answered my weather questions very quickly over the next few years.

    I was shocked and horrified to see that she was gone! IMO, it’s just more typical corporate BS, which is fundamentally killing local news viewing.

    In any case, as previously posted, I hope this turns out to be a good thing for you, although we sorely miss seeing your smiling face every morning!


  • Nancy Crosby

    I was stunned that Ch. 5 did not pick up Rebecca Miller’s contract. She had the most personality of any weather caster.

    Jennifer Lopez has absolutely no personality and I will not watch Ch. 5 anymore.

    I had been watching Ch. 5 since Harold Taft’s death because of Rebecca Miller.

    Get rid of Ms. Tulley! She has no idea what she is doing!

  • maria s.

    I keep on asking my self,wonder what happened to Becky?meant to call but;finally did .please can you tell me why? i have been watching channel 5 since Scott was fire from channel 8, well, guess what ,no more channel 5,i will go back to see Scot S. but now i am divorce , and my ex husband will not be jealous.

  • Bunny R,

    Becky had the viewers, not David, nor Chet, nor James. Certainly not Lopez.
    My husband and I have watched ch 5 since 1976, when Harold was the guy to watch. Seems you could care less, but Becky was one of Harold’s picks. She was the BEST!! We now watch ch 4,8 or 11. Never ch 5. And never will again. Hope Becky comes on one of our NEW stations we watch! You, Ms. Tulley, if I may say so, need some training in your business.

  • lisa

    I and my husband also were wondering what happened to rebecca. what a bad move on ms. tully has made. we too will watch another station instead of channel 5. good luck to you rebecca in what ever you do.

  • joanne

    Glad to read that so many people are STILL upset about Rebecca’s departure from channel 5. I miss her. It is touching to see how many viewers remember the Harold connection; he is my father-in-law.

  • terry

    if anyone can pass along a message to rebecca, tell her to come to tyler and join scott chesner at channel 7. we’d love to have her here!

  • wanda

    Best of luck to you Becky! Hope you are out on the airwaves around here soon!

  • MReves

    I MISS BECKY!!! I happened to have looked up an energy survey website this morning and it had a link to a story Channel 5 did and Becky was the reporter! I was so excited, and just thought I had missed seeing her, and surely she had just changed times, then I discovered it was in Jan or Feb! It piqued my interest enough to search on where’s Rebecca Miller! Glad Front Burner did the piece and that it was still available. Best of luck to you, Becky! I loved you & your professional delivery of the weather & your Zoo stories, etc! Maybe front Burner can give us an update on how you’re doing and how your Grad classes are going! GRAND PRAIRIE FAN OF NBC5 NO MORE!
    (Just say No to J-Lo!!!!)

  • M. Keller

    I’m also late to the party and recently found out Rebecca Miller was fired from Channel 5. I hadn’t seen her of late but thought she was on a leave of absence or something. I met Becky several times through a mutual friend from New Orleans and she was as kind and upbeat in person as she was on the tube. I worked for American Airlines for 20 years and loved how she used to give the altimeter settings for pilots in her morning newscasts, because she was married to a pilot for a regional carrier. I also loved her animal reports and felt that she was such an asset to the Channel 5 morning team. They truly had a great chemistry together; you could tell they all were friends outside of the office. I agree with everyone else that this is a decision Ms. Tully will regret; you just can’t recreate or replace Becky’s friendly demeanor and reliable forecasts. Bad move, Ms. Tully…but what goes around, comes around. Something tells me your days in charge may be numbered. Becky, congratulations on your graduate studies; whatever you end up doing, I know you will do it well! Best wishes to you in your future endeavors and you are missed.

  • marie rogers

    This unfortunate and ill-made choice to fire Rebecca clearly shows that Tully is out of step with the viewers of channel five.
    It’s just incredible that channel five still employess Brenden Higgins who is the MOST annoying broadcaster ever employed in the DFW area. If it weren’t for the women on that show, I would switch stations.

  • Judy

    I’ve quit watching Channel 5 because Rebecca Miller is no longer there. I’ve always watched Channel 5 but no longer feel that I can support this station because of how they obviously treat their employees.

    You would think such a loyal, long-time employee would be treated with more respect than Rebecca was given.

    Rebecca, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do.

  • randy barber

    I’ll never forget meeting Rebecca Miller when I was a Ford salesman at the State Fair. We talked for probably 30 minutes. She was a quality act then as she is now. She seems to like everyone and everyone loves her. I would love to see her land on another station in this market. Channel 5 can kiss my ___.

  • The Baker’s

    Becky, you might remember us from prairie correspondences in bad weather? We stopped watching 5 when we realized you’d been let go. You always took time to answer. How is your Mom in New Orleans? I still wish I had the gold tapestry jacket you wore in the Hill Country bluebonnets. We hope you’re doing only what you love, and not putting up with the Chan.5 nonsense. Cream rises to the top, and you have. Best wishes ~The Baker’s


    You were the only reason to watch channel 5 news ever. I moved to Dallas in ’93 saw you doing the weather first day there. You were so funny and friendly I was hooked. You were my weatehr person from then on. I have not watched that news show since you left. I am so happy to have seen you on WB33 but can’t find when you come on yet. When I do you have another faithful viewer. good luck, hope you stay in Dallas forever. A big fan!!!!!!

  • Bobbie Rogers

    My daughter (who was raised on Becky’s weather forecasts) lives in Ft. Worth and knew early on about Becky being asked to leave Ch 5. I have been seething ever since this happened and have opted to watch Fox now. I do miss Deborah who seems down to earth and sweet and used to get a laugh out of Tammy but a couple of times when channel hopping I saw that she has lost a lot of weight and looks like she has had a makeover. Nothing wrong with that unless it was REQUIRED BY THE BOSSES IF SHE WANTED TO KEEP HER JOB!!!! Waiting for your return to one of the local channels Rebecca!!!!

  • Terry Stinson

    Hey, Becky! We just want you to know we are STILL missing you!!! We sent in scathing objections to Ms. Tully within the the first 24 hrs of your dismissal and continued our objections in hopes that she would reconsider. Since she did not, we do not watch Channel 5 news anymore (as promised.) We miss you so much, your relaxed humour, your love of animals, your easy explanations, your compassion, and warm empathetic nature. We wish you all the success in the world and hope to see you again!

  • Fran Garcia

    I checked, way back when I noticed that Becky wasn’t on Channel 5. Luckily I heard her sub on WBAP and got to hear her talk about her firing. She was great to my granddaughter who is interested in the weather. We got to visit the station one morning and exchanged many emails with Becky. Now my granddaughter plans to do her science project on the weather forecasting. Becky’s name comes up often when we discuss the project. She was the reason I turned on Channel 5 in the morning.

  • Becky B

    Becky did the 9 PM weather tonight on WB33 subbing for Bob Goosman, who was apparently under the weather as he did not sound well last night. Due to the world series she was the only 9PM weathercast. Apparently she normally does the weekend weather on WB33.

  • Tom H

    I met Becky in person at the Home Depot in Southlake, she was shopping for light fixtures for their game room. She was such a pleasant lady to talk to and it actually took me awhile to realize who she was, she never acted snooty or rude like some TV personalities. It was early fall and getting chilly out and her she was wearing flipflops, not only is she a gorgeous young lady, but she has cute feet and toes too. hahaha honest…I lost my job at the HD for being too open and pleasant with some customers, my bosses remind me of those at Channel 5, no sense of humor. I am moving back to the Ft. Worth area and looking forward to seeing Becky on CW33. I sure won’t tune into 5 like I did for so many yrs. living in Grand Prairie.

  • Pat Gunn

    Becky, we still miss you! Ch 5 news/weather is not on my dial anymore and I’m looking forward to Tully “gettin’ hers!” Wish you the best. (We miss Scott, too. They must have s*** for brains at 5!)

  • dmbart

    I kept thinking, “What the heck where is Rebecca?” I finally googled when I could not stand it anymore to see what happened. I will not watch 5 anymore, after I make a list of sponsors to boycott. Watching Rebecca gave me a comfortable feeling like being at home. Now my day starts very unbalanced. I hate this.

  • http://google Belle

    I just loved Rebecca Miller, she is a great weather person. In March when I returned from a trip I missed not seeing her, so e-mailed the station. I received a very short memo saying she doesn’t work here anymore. I don’t watch channel 5 in the morning anymore. I don’t like Jennifer Lopez’s voice ( sorry). I miss you Becky. The best in your future.
    ~ Belle

  • Ken

    I was excited to see Rebecca Miller on WB33 tonight. I was running through the channels and there she was. I was glued to their news show until it ended.

    I was a faithful and loyal Channel 5 fan until the let Rebecca go. Even though I really like other personalities on there, I haven’t watched it since.

    Susan Tully is the one who should be out the door.

  • Ron

    We were also thrilled to see Rebecca on CH33 this evening. Like so many others we were shocked and very disappointed when she just “vanished” from KXAS. We emailed and received the same “canned” response from that pompous a*s Ms. Tully. We are huge fans of Rebecca’s “down to earth” and warm approach to her position. Can’t wait to see more of her on 33.

  • curt

    Rebecca is back on 33? Great, will tune in tonight to see! I had been watching 5 since the Harold Taft days. The only reason for watching 5 for many years has been to see Rebecca reporting the weather and Tammy reporting the traffic. I’m still a big Tammy fan, but refuse to tune in anymore after the way Rebecca was treated. The media in this country makes me sick!!!! Since when did a persons weight have ANYTHING to do with their level of intelligence or how nice a person they are?

  • Marsha

    I’m so happy to hear that Rebecca is on again. I’ll be watching Channel 33 now! Nothing against Tammy, Jennifer or the rest–but I to hate the way Rebecca was treated after 17 years with the station!!

    It may be the “standard” for television the way Tully let her go–but from a once faithful viewer’s standpoint–IT LACKS CLASS AND SUCKS!!

    Way to go Tammy–I’ll be checking you out on 33, so hang tough girlfriend!!

  • Marsha

    Just posted and meant to say, “Way to go REBECCA–I’ll be checking you out on 33, so hang tough girlfriend!!”

  • http://n/a Heenry Angus

    What happened to Bob Goosman?

  • Dana

    I am so disgusted with channel 5 news. (Mainly Tully) The way Rebecca was let go is reminiscent of how Jerry Jones let Tom Landry go. NO CLASS at all!!! I left the metroplex in March 08 and just recently returned. I saw someone other that Rebecca doing the morning news and assumed she must be on vacation and the station hired someone new to fill in when the regulars were on vacation. After a couple of weeks I asked several people what happened to her. No one knew. I don’t like the morning news person. She is hard to watch. I finally googled Rebecca and found what everyone else has known for months. I am so upset. While I was gone the meteorologists I watched were, well they weren’t Becky. I was very excited to get back here to be able to watch a real class act. I looked forward to watching her. Before I left the area I watched her every morning and counted on her. I work outside in the elements and it was great to have someone you can depend on to get it right. Thanks Becky for your service for all those years. I look forward to seeing you again.

  • Charli

    I just happened by and was excited to read that you’re on 33. I’ll be tuning in. I quit watching NBC5 when you left. I have enjoyed watching you for a long time. I remember sitting in the closet with the TV, my dog,and a flashlight while the tornado was hovering over Hulen Mall. I’d have never made it without you. Best of luck in all that you do. I’ve missed you.

  • Marvin

    It is so good to hear that Rebecca Miller is on channel 33 now. I just found out the other day. I telephone 33 to find out that she is on @ 9:00 pm. I will be watching my weather on 33 now. Every since they fired her I stopped watching weather on 5 and switch to 4 or 11 to watch the weather. Please do not misunderstand me, I do like David on 5 but will not watch because of what they did to Rebecca.

  • http://yahoo eben


  • debbie