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Dispatch From NYC Fashion Week

Our gals in the Big Apple send word of their exploits (find their first dispatch here). Yesterday was all about Mattie Roberts, Lela Rose, and more problems with cabbies. Jump for Stephanie’s report and pics from Elizabeth:

Yesterday was a long day. Seven shows and lots of walking. My feet hurt from wearing my 3-inch Tory Burch wedges all day. We arose at 7 to mingle backstage with Lela Rose (who donned a teal dress from her own collection) before her show. Makeup artist Tina Turnbow with Nars for explained the palette she created for the show (rusty peaches and pastel greens on the lids, depending on the skin tone, accompanied by a sheer, peachy blush and creamy peach pout). Ted Gibson (from Austin) styled the hair (messy braided pinned into a bun), drawing inspiration from Lela’s spring collection, which was inspired by Katherine and Audrey Hepburn. We spotted Dallasites Ken Downing and Mattie Roberts chatting it up. Mattie now resides in New York but continues to make frequent trips back to Dallas when she can. Pal and local fashionista Rhonda Sargent Chambers is joining her today to attend some more shows and indulge in “much champagne and shopping.” So what stores will the girls be hitting up? “The three Bs: Bergdorf’s, Barneys, and Bendels,” said Roberts.

lelarose3.jpglelarose2.jpglelarose1.jpgCome showtime (pics left), models hit the runway in feminine yet sporty styles made of burlap linen, dungaree, and colored PVC (seems to be a trend this season) paired with touches of brown saddle leather piping and frayed knotted details. In typical Lela fashion, pops of color such as persimmon, red, pollen (yellow/bright gold), and green made their way into the collection. Pretty party dresses were a staple. We will be one-on-one with Lela today in her studio.

Miss Sixty drew in a large crowd, including Demi Moore (minus Ashton), Maggie Gylllenhall, Hilary Swank, Mischa Barton, Clive Owen, and Perry Ferrell. The brand, known mostly for its of-the-moment denim designs, added delicate fabrics such as silk and chiffon to its spring collection, while remaining true to its market by pairing these with tailored denim, faux sequined trousers, bold prints, vinyl sunhats, and studded accessories. The collection’s creative director, Wichy Hassan, drew inspiration from Andy Warhol’s The Chelsea Girls (1966). The short shorts and loud prints are definitely for the young or young at heart.

doucette5.jpgdoucette4.jpgdoucette3.jpgdoucette1.jpgNew on the scene at New York Fashion Week (they launched the collection in 2005), Stephanie Doucette (who is five and a half months pregnant) and Annebet Duvall (who hails from Austin), held a presentation at The Inn at Little West 12th Street (pics above and left). The collection, touted as being environmentally and socially responsible, consists of mostly frocks and coats made of pre-existing fabric and trim. Pieces such as a navy plaid cotton shirt dress, the Audrey camel trench, and the sexy LBD were among our favorites. The models sported jewelry and baubles by Jennifer Miller (no, not that Jennifer Miller).

On a personal note, Elizabeth and I got scammed by a cab driver on our way to the Alexander Wang show. The driver asked us to pay $15 each for a ride that probably should have cost us about $15 total (the strike is still in full effect and meters are not being used). I pray this ends soon, because it’s making getting to and from shows extremely difficult and expensive. We walked the rest of the day, causing us to make a stop at the Haviana sponsor booth at the tents to get in on the free flip-flops they were giving away. Alas, we were too late. We have to go back early today for another try. We did enter to win a free trip to Brazil.

But the Alexander Wang show itself was a big hit. With famed model Erin Wasson (another Dallasite) styling, many of Dallas’ most fashion-forward flocked to the Bumble and Bumble Studios to catch a glimpse. In the crowd we spotted Jackie Bolin and Liz Thompson, who were in town ordering pieces for their new shop, V.O.D, which is expected to open in October at Victory Park. The look of Wang’s collection took heavily from styles of the ‘90s, with a laid-back appeal and looks such as rolled denim shorts, a double breasted blazer, and a black jumper.

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