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Wick Allison Announces He Is Helping To Form a PAC

A few days ago, I had a conversation with a connected guy who is in the business of shaping people’s perceptions of various matters. He told me something along these lines: “For the past couple of months, it seems every conversation I have with a rich, old white guy [ed: this was said with intentional irony, as the fellow himself is a rich, old white guy], I’m trying to explain to him how things have changed — radically, quickly — in this city. The Citizens Council doesn’t have the power it once did. It has shifted, gotten younger. People are talking about urban issues in a way they haven’t before in Dallas. I’m trying to figure out how it has happened, and I keep coming back to Patrick Kennedy.”

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Readers Respond to Wick Allison’s ‘Race and the Rich’ in Dallas Column

The results of the little poll we took the other day are clear-cut: FrontBurnervians agree with Wick by a 2-to-1 margin that local and state leaders should alter the tax system that allows Dallas Country Club and Brook Hollow Golf Club to receive an exemption even as they have no black members. In the June […]

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Should Lily-White Dallas Country Club and Brook Hollow Golf Club Get Tax Exemptions?

D Magazine editor in chief Wick Allison answers that question with a resounding “no” in the June issue of our print product. His “Leading Off” column says Dallas’ hopes of joining the ranks of the world’s greatest cities could be hurt by the continued segregation in the most affluent neighborhoods near downtown: Greenway Parks, Highland […]

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