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Making Dallas Even Better

Tony Romo: ‘Social Media is So Not Real Life’

When he was asked about his mending collarbone at a charity fundraiser in Dallas last night, Tony Romo said, “I think I’m gonna make it through the season, so we should be fine.” But what the Dallas Cowboys QB really wanted to talk about as featured speaker for the Just Say Yes nonprofit group—which empowers teens to succeed—was just saying no to peer pressure and social media.

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Tony Romo Joined Twitter Last Night

He signed up right before 10 o’clock. For his profile pic, he chose the image you see here. I mean, yeah, he’s married to a very attractive lady. But is this a joint account? Candice has her own account. I don’t see him in her profile pic. So I’m throwing a flag and penalizing him 10 yards for that choice. So far he’s got 48,000 followers. His first tweet, below, is possibly the most boring tweet ever. Flagging that, too. But otherwise: Go, Cowboys!

Update: In the time it took me to write this post, he gained another 1,200 followers.

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Tony Romo Kills It on Jimmy Kimmel

If there was any doubt that Tony Romo has a future as a broadcaster when he retires from the game, he erased that doubt last night. He was great on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was broadcasting from Austin. To watch the entire segment, you need to sign in here with your cable provider info. But here’s a taste, a clip of Romo recounting how he tried to convince the Jones boys to keep DeMarco Murray:

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Tony Romo’s Wife Candice Is a Mermaid

A Destin, Fla.-dwelling FrontBurnervian passed along the photo you see at right, which is the logo of Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill a chain of restaurants/bowling alleys attached to Bass Pro Shops stores in seven different cities (though not in Dallas-Fort Worth).

This image is of interest because the mermaid featured appears to have the head of Candice Crawford Romo, wife of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, former WB 33 TV reporter, and one of our own 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas honorees.

After an intensive Google Images search, I couldn’t find the exact picture that appears to have been used, but this one is pretty darn similar:

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Romo Boosts Santorum’s First Big Film Venture

“This was easy,” Tony Romo was saying last night. “I love movies. I love Christmas. I love Jesus.” The Dallas Cowboys quarterback was explaining why he’d shown up at West Plano’s Cinemark Theater, where a new movie called The Christmas Candle was being premiered. The feature flick is the first national release from a Dallas […]

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Jerry Jones Says Changes Are Coming, But Probably Not the Ones You Want

“I can assure our fans this, that it’s going to be very uncomfortable from my standpoint, it’s going to be very uncomfortable for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch,” Jerry Jones told his weekly radio audience a bit ago on The Fan. Cliffs Notes: Garrett is safe-ish, but might not retain offensive […]

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The Cowboys Are Selling T-Shirts For This Weekend’s Game Against the 2-7 Cleveland Browns

Nothing screams “I WAS THERE” quite like a t-shirt. And nothing screams “I PAID $200 TO WATCH AN AVERAGE COWBOYS TEAM PLAY A TERRIBLE BROWNS TEAM” quite like a $21.99 t-shirt from Unless, I don’t know, this game ends up being Tony Romo’s last game with the Cowboys and the entire state erupts in […]

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