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Woman Once Accused Wayne Kirk, Horse Park Operator, of Dosing Her With GHB

This entire thing makes my head hurt, so I’m not going to try to figure it all out. I’m just going to throw it against the wall and let you folks gawk at it.

Wayne Kirk is the guy with the curious background who has a contract to run the new Trinity Horse Park. Rudy Bush did a great job of summarizing why Kirk seems an odd (to be kind) choice to be given this particular responsibility. Let’s just start with the fact that he’s a convicted horse abuser. (!) Well, someone reminded me that Kirk was mentioned awhile back in a sexual assault lawsuit filed against Jerry Jones.

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Celebrating (?) 25 Years of Jerry Jones With Your Dallas Cowboys

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Jerry Jones purchasing the Dallas Cowboys. For our 35th anniversary issue, Jones wrote about his dealings with prior owner Bum Bright. Even after the deal was announced publicly in 1989, as well as was the decision to fire Tom Landry and replace him with University of Miami head coach Jimmy Johnson, there were weeks of negotiations involving millions of dollars that had to be settled before it was finalized:

When we finally resolved the details, there was a figure in excess of $350,000 we couldn’t agree on. Bum said we should just flip a coin. I called—tails—and Bum flipped it. I lost.

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A Portrait of Jerry Jones, In Quotes

When the National Football Foundation Leadership Hall of Fame inducted Jerry Jones into its ranks at a dinner here the other night, a who’s who of the city’s business and sports elite showed up to toast and roast the Dallas Cowboys owner. National figures turned out as well, including General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, Sports […]

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Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban Land on Sports Illustrated‘s ‘Most Powerful People in Sports’ List

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell clocked in at number one on the top 50 list, but Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban also made the cut: Jerry Jones, #19- No owner gets the biz side of sports like Jones, 70, who pushed through construction of the 110,000-capacity Jones Mahal (a.k.a. Cowboys Stadium) and presides over what Forbes […]

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Cowboys Hire Monte Kiffin as Defensive Coordinator, Internet Makes Collective ‘But He’s so Goshdurn Old!’ Joke

EXCLUSIVE photo of Monte Kiffin reacting to Jerry’s offer: #KiffinIsOld — Jim Bob Breazeale (@broncohighway) January 11, 2013 Monte Kiffin is old enough to remember when the Cowboys used to win playoff games. — John Kincade (@JohnKincade) January 11, 2013 The #Cowboys have hired 72-year-old defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and also announced they’re going […]

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Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett Didn’t Know Josh Brent Was Going to Be on the Sidelines Yesterday

Around 5 p.m. yesterday, I got a text from Mooney. Edited for content: “Josh Brent is on the [humping] sideline right now.” We were both confused, I think, and I responded with: “Saw that. So strange.” Turns out Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett were order viagra in the same boat. From the Morning News: Several […]

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Keeping Our New ‘All Cowboys, All the Time’ Policy in Mind, Here’s the Front Page of ESPN Right Now

For those counting, that’s three negative Cowboys stories, plus the news that Robert Griffin III’s injury could be so minor that he might play against the Browns on Sunday. Here are each of the individual links, especially this one about Jay Ratliff screaming at Jerry Jones.

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Petition Asks President Obama to Remove Jerry Jones From the Cowboys Organization Entirely

Now that the country has learned about democracy and technology and their combustible love-child known as the White House’s “We The People” petition page, it was only a matter of time before someone asked President Obama to step in and fix the mess at Cowboys Stadium. Steven M., from Fort Benning, Ga., wrote: We, the […]

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Jerry Jones Was Locked Out of His Own Locker Room Last Night, Probably For The Best

Jerry Jones just pounded locker room door because no one would let him in. It’s the angriest I’ve seen him all year. #Cowboys @bluestarblog — Matt Barrie (@Matt_Barrie) November 5, 2012 #Cowboys in a nutshell: Jerry Jones had more highlights last night than his team. #letmein @bluestarblog #SNF — Matt Barrie (@Matt_Barrie) November 5, 2012 […]

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