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Making Dallas Even Better

A Modest Proposal for Dirk Nowitzki

First, I’d like to congratulate Dirk on snagging his 10,000th rebound. Also, high-five on the birth of his son (and winning the argument with his wife, apparently, to pick the kid’s name). On to business: The Musers this morning were talking about how there are only about two kids in the entire NCAA tourney who play with their backs to the basket. Further, they observed, no one, even at the pro level, shoots the hook anymore. As Kareem showed us, it is the most unstoppable shot ever invented. Now, I know that Dirk already has a signature shot, the wrong-way turnaround knee-kick fade-away jumper. I’m not suggesting he replace it. But I am proposing that he and Holger Geschwindner spend the next few weeks getting the hook ready. Last year, Dirk told Tim MacMahon that he’s been working on the hook for a decade. It is time. It looks like the Mavs might have to play Memphis in the first round. The key to beating them: Dirk’s hook.

Thank you for your time.

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Inside the Majestic Theatre For Conan O’Brien’s First Dallas Show

Conan O’Brien and his pompadour brought Team Coco to the Majestic Theater for a few days’ worth of tapings, a run-up to the Final Four later this week.  Monday afternoon’s show filled the Majestic to capacity, every seat taken, even the second balcony. The audience was a mix, 20-somethings through people in their 50s, with more than a few old enough to collect Social Security.  The applause signs over the monitors were hardly needed as the crowd went wild every time the former writer and producer for The Simpsons pointed their way. Did I say wild? Let me rephrase: wild and LOUD, clapping and screaming with enough volume to rattle the fillings in your teeth.

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It’s Almost Time for The Big Read Dallas

I’ve told you about it before, but just a quick refresher: The Big Read Dallas is a citywide reading initiative. We’re asking the entire city to read Fahrenheit 451 in April and join us at various events throughout the month. We’ve tasked ninth- and tenth-grade DISD students to lead the charge, so we’re giving every […]

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MLB Nixes Texas Rangers’ Request to Have Dirk Nowitzki Throw Out a First Pitch

The Big German was one of the team’s nominees to throw out a first pitch at one of their home games. But according to our pal, ESPN’s Marc Stein, Major League Baseball decided not to approve the request. Why? One possible reason: the NBA’s current labor unrest. A MLB spokesperson denies that. Here’s their reasoning: […]

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