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Dallas Mavericks Sending Dirk Nowitzki Bobblehead To Space Because, Sure, OK

It’s happening soon. Like, at 3 today. [UPDATE: Or maybe already happened? I don’t know. Countdown clock was for today. I will take the word of the two-thirds of the people who commented on this already, not counting me.] It has a camera attached, or something. Honestly, I’m not positive what’s going on. Is anyone? Anyway, […]

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Newy Scruggs and Terrell Owens Are In a Fight

And a Twitter fight, no less, which is like when people had fights with graffiti in bathroom stalls in days of yore, in case you are not on the Twitters and have never seen a Twitter fight in action. The Dallas Morning News (because Twitter fights are awesome and so why wouldn’t Dallas’ paper of […]

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