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Making Dallas Even Better

Plan on Watching The Oscars Sunday? Watch Them With FrontRow

This Sunday, the 84th Academy Awards will take place at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, and to celebrate the movieland version of the Kentucky Derby, we’ll be making predictions, offering up armchair opinions, talking celebrities, sounding off on the red carpet antics, and taking swipes at the official coverage and commentary with a live blog. […]

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Most Eligible Dallas: Starring Potential “Most Beautiful Women in Dallas”

Check Episode 1 of Dallas’ new reality show, Most Eligible Dallas, to see last year’s 10 Most Beautiful contestant, Kat Reilly. (She’s part of the blondetourage that Courtney, uh, loved having around at Teddy’s Room.) Check out all the episodes to see this year’s 10 Most Beautiful contestant, Tara Harper. We’ve also got curly girl Morgana, sleek […]

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TV with Laura: The Bachelor Episode 8 Recap

What on earth has happened to Chris Harrison? Remember when he was little more than a poorly dressed, nerdy referee on a dating show? Last night’s episode–”The Women Tell All”–revealed that he has transformed into a despicable little man. (Alas, his wardrobe remains the same.) He’s judgmental, condescending, surly, and combative. Just the way I […]

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