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Ron Kirk Joins Company That Wants to Bring High Speed Rail to Dallas

Former Dallas Mayor and former U.S. Trade Ambassador Ron Kirk is now a senior advisor to Texas Central Railway, the private company that hopes to bring high speed rail to Texas. The news comes via a statement Kirk posted on the company’s website:

I have seen just about all of the high-speed rail systems throughout Europe and Asia, and the competitive part of me feels that if the rest of the world can do this, why can’t we right here in the United States? This along with the practical attraction to having an alternative transportation mode between two of the fastest growing economic zones in the country sparked my interest and compelled me to join the Texas Central Railway team.

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How Government Subsidies Are Hiding the Omni Convention Center Hotel’s Losses

A couple of weeks ago, I took a look at the financials of the Dallas Convention Center, prompted by Philip Jones’ announcement that he planned to borrow a quarter billion dollars in public money to expand the facility. To summarize, I discovered:

  • The city of Dallas is currently subsidizing the facility to the tune of roughly $53 million per annum; and
  • Three years and $500 million later, the construction of the adjacent convention center hotel hasn’t had any discernable impact on the convention center’s bottom line.

Today, I’m taking a look at the financial performance of the convention center hotel itself.

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Do Southwest Airlines’ Nice-Guy Tactics Cost It Millions of Dollars in Profit?

Ryanair is famous for its extremely cheap fares accompanied by exorbitant fees, like charging $115 to print your boarding pass for you. The airline even once proposed charging passengers to use the onboard toilet. By contrast, Southwest has resisted the industry trend to charge bag fees. Ryanair’s profits last year were 40% higher than Southwest’s. Says travel-planning website Flightfox:

In the league that Ryanair plays in, Southwest is simply too nice. Southwest maintains wholesome traditional values that when added together, end up costing them millions.

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Spirit Airlines Flight from DFW Explodes, Lands Safely

A Tuesday flight from Atlanta to DFW Airport from DFW, headed to Atlanta, had an “emergency situation” that this reporter describes as an engine exploding. The flight returned to the airport and landed safely, but before that passengers were texting loved ones (and filming without turning their phones sideways). Part of one message read, “…I love […]

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Abbott, Holder Team Up, Ctd.

Over at KRLD-AM (1080), our pal David Johnson landed an interview with former American Airlines chairman Bob Crandall about today’s developments. (The interview can be heard in full this evening at 6:20 on David’s CEO Spotlight program.) The always-outspoken Crandall told Johnson he was surprised by news that the Justice Department would attempt to block […]

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Abbott, Holder Team Up to Bash Airline Merger

Attorney General Greg Abbott, who’s running for governor, ought to be looking over his shoulder in North Texas, now that he’s made the bone-headed move of trying to help Eric Holder’s Justice Department deep-six the American Airlines/US Airways merger. Abbott, who must believe he’s bullet-proof among Republican primary voters, claims to be looking out for […]

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Southwest Airlines Offers Free Trip to Flint, Michigan, Murder Capital of America

As you can see, this was front page news in “the Vehicle City.” That’s a nickname for Flint with which I was not yet familiar. I’ve previously only ever heard it called “America’s deadliest city,” “Murdertown U.S.A.,” and “Most violent city in the nation.” Don’t worry, you have until the end of the month to enter to […]

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Emergency Landing Makes Exec a ‘Believer’

Dallas real estate executive Chuck Dannis has spent a lot of hours on American Airlines flights. But he’s never had such a scare on one as he did this afternoon. Returning to Dallas from Denver aboard AA Flight 880, Dannis said he was sitting in first-class when he and the other passengers noticed an electrical […]

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Travelocity Launches a Travel Web Series, Starts With a Search For Dallas’ Best Taco

The Southlake-based company announced today a new series of travel videos hosted by their “senior editor,” Courtney Scott. Their intention is to release one a week. There are two posted so far, one in New York and the other about a search for the best taco in Dallas. SPOILER ALERT: She decides the winner is the […]

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