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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: May 6

Midway upon the journey of our week, we find ourselves within a dark forest. Wednesdays can be horrible and confusing times, but we’ll get through this. Let’s climb through the confusion of midweek and on to bigger and brighter things to do tonight. There’s a lot to do including the official opening of the Soluna Festival, a Lee Ann Womack show, and a bold mix of booze and politics.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Cinco de Mayo Edition

Hola, Dallas. As you may be aware, Cinco de Mayo has fallen on May 5 this year, and May 5 has fallen on today this year. We hope you will recognize the Mexican Army’s victory over the dastardly French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 with respectful revelry and thoughtful discourse on the historical import of the event. Maybe reflect on how fortunate we are to enjoy the strong influence of Mexican culture, from music to food to dance, right here in North Texas. Or, do a bunch of tequila shots and marvel at the fact that “cinco” kind of rhymes with “drinko,” which is not a word. Whatever floats your boat.

Right this way to find out where you should drink in Dallas tonight. The parade(s) and most of the heavy Cinco de Mayo festivities took place over the weekend, but there are still a few holiday-themed events worth checking out tonight. And as always, there are a lot of things to do in Dallas.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: May 4

I generally take a strong principled stand against arbitrary holidays, but I really like Star Wars, so let’s make an exception for today. May the 4th be with you, and all that. I’m unclear on how to observe the holiday, but I’ll probably get my old plastic lightsaber out of the closet and hit people with it. There are plenty of ways to celebrate in Dallas tonight, however. A bar in Uptown, that wretched hive of scum and villainy, is throwing a Star Wars party, the inaugural Soluna Festival starts slowly rolling, and a rock star of the NPR set comes town. Here are the things you should do.

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: May 1–3

Happy International Workers’ Day, comrades. Let us reap the fruits of our labor at the end of this 8-hour workday, and do lots of recreational things in Dallas this weekend, the first glorious weekend of May.

But first, let’s reflect on what we learned in April. We hope you enjoyed reading True Grit with us for Big D Reads, D’s literacy nonprofit. This year’s program was a smashing success, and you may have joined us for one of the many events held throughout the city. If not, you can live vicariously through our photo galleries. To recap: The Big D Reads Western Festival closed things out at Klyde Warren Park. Dallas residents partook of grits and more during National Grits Day at Main Street Garden, and National Grits Day at Thanks-Giving Square. And a conversation about Dallas’ gritty history with race proved so compelling we had to move it to a bigger venue at Gilley’s. You keep reading, Dallas.

Looking forward, head over here to see the 25 things you absolutely have to do this month, no matter the cost to your schedule or financial and spiritual well-being. If the kiddos are getting antsy with summer break right around the corner, take them to these six family-friendly things to do in Dallas this May. It’s also shaping up to be a big month for Dallas theater and classical music, so start getting your tickets.

In the more immediate future, Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated on–wait for it–May 5 this year. The festivities, however, get started this weekend. We’ve put together a list of more than five parades, festivals, and parties in Dallas celebrating the holiday and the greatness of Mexican culture. If you’re just interested in taking shots of tequila until you convince yourself you can speak Spanish, well, here’s where to drink in Dallas for Cinco de Mayo.

In case that’s not enough for you, keep reading for 14 more things to do in Dallas this weekend.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 30

We’re almost done with April. Good riddance, if you ask me. It’s on to bigger and better months. The NFL draft gets going tonight, a four-day spectacle that may qualify as a “thing to do” for you. My understanding is that will be broadcasting at you from several different angles, so feel free to consume that entertainment in whatever medium suits your fancy, whether it’s television, radio, or Twitter.

I’d recommend catching the highlights later–there’s only so much drama ESPN can milk out of that soulless orange android Roger Goodell reading names and shaking hands, and unless Jerry flips out and does something rash, you’re not missing anything if you wait a few hours to find out who the new Cowboys are. There are much better ways to spend your time in Dallas tonight: Go see a play in a house, or a thrash band in an art gallery, or a dance club at a park.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 29

Newspapers don’t exactly provide great material for musicals these days. Buyouts and layoffs aren’t very sexy, and I can’t remember the last time I saw a street-smart urchin hawking print on a street corner. The musical Newsies depicts a more romantic time, when scrappy newsboys in 1899 New York City went on strike to protest price hikes. Add a few whimsical Disney flourishes, and you have a David vs. Goliath story that is practically begging to be set to song and dance.

Newsies comes to Dallas tonight, along with a pop-up park in Deep Ellum, and “the most dangerous movie ever made.” Here are our picks for things to do.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 28

There are a lot of things to do in North Texas tonight, and you’re going to face some tough decisions regarding how to spend your evening. For tiebreakers, I suggest printing out this page, attaching it to a wall, and throwing darts at it. Then flip five coins, five times. Look to the skies for a sign. Then conduct some kind of raffle, and you’ll be good to go. Hope that helps you decide.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 27

Mondays are big. This is your chance to set a tone for the rest of the week. You’ve got all day to be productive, and you’ve got all night (and this afternoon) to do things in Dallas. Tibetan monks are visiting the Crow Collection, a power-pop band is visiting Three Links, and an exhibit at the Holocaust Museum explores Curious George’s connection to the Nazi invasion of France. Here are our picks for things to do.

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: April 24-26

It’s the last weekend of April, and with the end of the month comes a couple things. It sadly means we are nearing the end of our Big D Reads literacy campaign. We hope everyone learned a thing or two about grit during the last 24 days of reading True Grit, watching True Grit, eating grits, and partaking in discussions and activities about grit as an abstract concept.

But we’re not done yet: Saturday (the weather’s supposed to be lovely by then) we’ll be having a Big D Reads blowout at Klyde Warren Park. Come out for a Western-themed festival, with live performances, a pet meetup, line dancing, talks about grit, food, and more. It’s the works. That’s from 1 to 5 pm. It’s going to be amazing. If you do one thing this weekend, go to Klyde Warren Park for Big D Reads.

If you do two things this weekend, go to the largest Earth Day festival in the U.S. over at Fair Park. That’s getting started today and runs through Sunday.

If you want to do more than two things this weekend, keep reading.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 23

Today I’m mourning the loss of pleasant weather, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and the Mavericks’ playoff hopes. But we must solider on. There are things to do tonight, and we must do them. What form will your grief take? Will it be a concert at the Granada? A trip to the USA Film Festival? How about a poetry reading, or a ballet folklorico at the Winspear?

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 22

I don’t know about y’all, but I could use a pick-me-up kind of day after the disaster we witnessed in Houston last night. The hated Rockets ran roughshod over our Dallas Mavericks, Playoff Rondo remains a myth we tell ourselves to feel better, and a spiteful force field blocked every Nowitzki and Ellis shot. The bright side to all this? We still don’t live in Houston, a truly blighted city that might benefit when it is inevitably swallowed by the Gulf of Mexico, along with the rest of the Carcinogen Coast of Texas.

But the point remains. We could all do with a serious injection of cheer. Fortunately, we can self-medicate with all these wonderful things to do in Dallas tonight. If you’re not movied out from the Dallas International Film Festival, the USA Film Festival kicks off tonight. It’s also music-heavy evening, with shows from Wilco, Father John Misty, and Waxahatchee, and an Arthur Miller play is running over in Addison. Here are our picks.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 21

There’s no point in letting Dallas weather dictate the course your day takes. Barring tornadoes or some fresh catastrophe delivered by a wrathful God, there are still going to be things to do. Don’t let a little water be a game changer. It’s 2015, and modern umbrella technology is on point. Come hell or high water, here are the things you should do tonight, including a discussion on race and history in Dallas, and a performance of the world’s most famous ballet.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 20

In a calendar year full of dumb holidays celebrating everything from macaroons to pirates, April 20 still reigns supreme as the dumbest holiday of all. If you want to celebrate “4/20″ like you’re at the last date on a Grateful Dead tour, be my guest. I’m no narc. But even if you can’t tell Cheech from Chong, there’s still a lot to like about today. For one thing, it’s beautiful outside. For another thing, there’s a lot going on this fine Monday. Here are our picks for things to do.

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: 04/17-04/19

Let’s not waste a lot of time here today. I’m sure we’ve all got a lot of work to finish before we get to these awesome things things to do this weekend. You’re on a mission from God, should you choose to accept it, and it is to do these dozen things the second the clock hits 5 today. Good luck.

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