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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 6

Elsewhere in the region is a far different musical begins its run, and that difference is especially in terms of size. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera expectedly continues the Winspear’s 2014/2015 Broadway Series, with a 50+ player production that should be every bit as delightfully unsubtle as the material therein.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: August 4

My favorite food happens to be a fungus with a variety of regal nicknames: “black diamonds,” “the crown jewel of French cuisine,” “diamonds of the kitchen,” or as it’s simply known—truffles. The luxury food item is so sought after that it has developed a rather unfortunate shadow industry full of deception, theft, and even violence worthy of a hollywood summer blockbuster.

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Aug 1—3

Since it’s the first day of August, I get the feeling that people are prematurely starting to panic about the imminent conclusion of the summer. It feels like fall already in a freakish bout of extra-cool weather we’re currently experiencing, and I’ve already had ice cream pushed on me twice today. It’s not even noon.

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