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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: April 24-26

It’s the last weekend of April, and with the end of the month comes a couple things. It sadly means we are nearing the end of our Big D Reads literacy campaign. We hope everyone learned a thing or two about grit during the last 24 days of reading True Grit, watching True Grit, eating grits, and partaking in discussions and activities about grit as an abstract concept.

But we’re not done yet: Saturday (the weather’s supposed to be lovely by then) we’ll be having a Big D Reads blowout at Klyde Warren Park. Come out for a Western-themed festival, with live performances, a pet meetup, line dancing, talks about grit, food, and more. It’s the works. That’s from 1 to 5 pm. It’s going to be amazing. If you do one thing this weekend, go to Klyde Warren Park for Big D Reads.

If you do two things this weekend, go to the largest Earth Day festival in the U.S. over at Fair Park. That’s getting started today and runs through Sunday.

If you want to do more than two things this weekend, keep reading.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 23

Today I’m mourning the loss of pleasant weather, Blue Bell Ice Cream, and the Mavericks’ playoff hopes. But we must solider on. There are things to do tonight, and we must do them. What form will your grief take? Will it be a concert at the Granada? A trip to the USA Film Festival? How about a poetry reading, or a ballet folklorico at the Winspear?

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 22

I don’t know about y’all, but I could use a pick-me-up kind of day after the disaster we witnessed in Houston last night. The hated Rockets ran roughshod over our Dallas Mavericks, Playoff Rondo remains a myth we tell ourselves to feel better, and a spiteful force field blocked every Nowitzki and Ellis shot. The bright side to all this? We still don’t live in Houston, a truly blighted city that might benefit when it is inevitably swallowed by the Gulf of Mexico, along with the rest of the Carcinogen Coast of Texas.

But the point remains. We could all do with a serious injection of cheer. Fortunately, we can self-medicate with all these wonderful things to do in Dallas tonight. If you’re not movied out from the Dallas International Film Festival, the USA Film Festival kicks off tonight. It’s also music-heavy evening, with shows from Wilco, Father John Misty, and Waxahatchee, and an Arthur Miller play is running over in Addison. Here are our picks.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 21

There’s no point in letting Dallas weather dictate the course your day takes. Barring tornadoes or some fresh catastrophe delivered by a wrathful God, there are still going to be things to do. Don’t let a little water be a game changer. It’s 2015, and modern umbrella technology is on point. Come hell or high water, here are the things you should do tonight, including a discussion on race and history in Dallas, and a performance of the world’s most famous ballet.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 20

In a calendar year full of dumb holidays celebrating everything from macaroons to pirates, April 20 still reigns supreme as the dumbest holiday of all. If you want to celebrate “4/20″ like you’re at the last date on a Grateful Dead tour, be my guest. I’m no narc. But even if you can’t tell Cheech from Chong, there’s still a lot to like about today. For one thing, it’s beautiful outside. For another thing, there’s a lot going on this fine Monday. Here are our picks for things to do.

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: 04/17-04/19

Let’s not waste a lot of time here today. I’m sure we’ve all got a lot of work to finish before we get to these awesome things things to do this weekend. You’re on a mission from God, should you choose to accept it, and it is to do these dozen things the second the clock hits 5 today. Good luck.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 15

The heinous practice of “manspreading” on public transportation has been well documented. As a daily rider of the DART rail, I’ve witnessed my fair share of dudes pulling a bow-legged Lincoln Memorial squat and making everybody in a five-foot radius slightly uncomfortable. I’ve also observed, with some terrifying regularity, passengers placing suitcases and large bags on the seat beside them while the rest of us cram into the moving parts between cars, dangle from hand bars, and ride each other piggy-back to make it to work on time. I suspect it may have something to do with the orange line now ferrying amateur air-travelers to DFW Airport. Making this gesture or asking politely that a fellow passenger move the offending luggage usually solves the problem, but it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

I would just like to briefly use this platform to propose a level-headed policy solution: These people, manspreaders and reckless luggage carriers alike, should be catapulted directly into the heart of the Sun after they are tried and found guilty by a kangaroo court of my own devising. Thank you.

Here are our picks for things to do tonight.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 14

Have you ever actually seen a grit? If not, don’t worry. Today, my friend, is your lucky day. By now, you’ve probably heard all about Big D Reads and the litany of reasons you should be reading True Grit this month. You may be less familiar with National Grits Day, a joyous occasion when the entire grit-eating world comes together to celebrate grains and butter. Head to Thanksgiving Square this afternoon (noon to 2 pm) for a heaping plate of grits courtesy of Cafe Momentum, or mosey on over to Main Street Garden tonight (7 pm) for even more grits. Hang around for a panel discussing women’s roles in film, followed by a screening of True Grit (the Coen Bros. one this time.)

I’m going to petition for a screening of My Cousin Vinny, truly one of the grittiest movies of all time, before Big D Reads’ big month has run its course. Until then, here are the rest of the things to do tonight.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 13

I’m choosing to live every day like it’s Friday, and it’s sunny and 72 degrees outside. I went through a lot of rainy Mondays before I decided to live this here lifestyle, and it’s working out OK so far. Dallas has been pretty accommodating, providing us with a lot to do on this day formerly known as Monday. Join me in this perpetual Friday mindset. Consider popping by the Dallas International Film Festival, or weigh the merits of talking about music and dancing about architecture at the Crown and Harp. Here are our picks for things to do tonight.

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Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: April 10-12

This weekend’s excitement gets off to an early start today. Hopefully you’re reading this when there’s still time to set into motion a caper that will let you escape work this afternoon. Pull the fire alarm, vomit into a trash bin, or just take a six-hour lunch break. I’m not condoning the use of trickery to get you out of work today, but I’m also not condemning it.

Here’s why: The Rangers’ home opener against the Astros is at 3 pm, and despite whatever fresh horrors this season may have in store, it’s still good to have baseball back. The Rangers are at home Saturday and Sunday too, just in case the whole workplace jailbreak thing doesn’t pan out today.

You also have a chance to rack up some free travel miles early this afternoon, although it may come at great cost to your personal sanity and well-being. As part of the Dallas International Film Festival, the Angelika is screening a six-hour film simulating the airline trip from hell. Produced by Virgin Airlines, Blah Airlines sounds like part art film, part advertisement, and part torture. You’d have to strap me to a chair and prop my eyes open, A Clockwork Orange-style, to get me to sit through this thing, but we have two brave editors who will be undergoing the experience at 1 pm. The light at the end of the tunnel: some free points toward a trip on a less-excruciating airlines.

It’s a jam-packed weekend, so let’s go ahead and get rolling with the rest of the things to do.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 9

We’ve got a lot of options tonight, Dallas, a veritable smorgasbord of things to do. I feel like a better, more cultured person just writing blurbs about these things. I’m taking a bit of a leap here, but I feel like going to the Dallas International Film Festival, or attending a Literary Death Match, or seeing tUnE-yArDs, will make all of us kinder, gentler people. Let’s change the world. Here are our picks for things to do tonight.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 8

Unfazed by crane attacks and delusions of becoming a “cultural capital,” the local art world is rumbling for the start of Dallas Arts Week in a few days’ time. We’ve got a trio of openings and art events happening tonight, and a couple of concerts if you’d rather take in art through your ears. Here are our picks for things to do tonight.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 7

When it comes to magic, Harry Potter will always hold a bigger place in my heart than Harry Houdini. But I appreciate the firepower brought to bear in the souped up magic show starting its run tonight. Perhaps recognizing that super-friend team-ups are hot right now (magicians assemble!), The Illusionists features a murderer’s row of conjurors and tricksters who will share the stage at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Just like The Avengers, they even gave themselves goofy names, including “The Manipulator” and “The Futurist.”

If you’re leery of all that foolishness and prefer some more sober, even-handed entertainment from less-ridiculous performers, SmackDown is in town. There’s also a powder-puff football game and some Cambodian pop music with a twist. Here’s what to do tonight.

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Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 6

I hope the Easter Bunny brought you something nice over the weekend. He can be a frustrating gift-giver–Claus would be out of a job if he crammed that new bicycle for Little Jimmy into an egg and hid it from you on Christmas morning–but free candy is still free candy. I’m not much for presents myself, but I do have something to give today. Surprises are overrated, so I’ll just dispense with the wrapping paper and/or egg-shrouded mystery and tell you what it is. It’s our picks for things to do in Dallas tonight.

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