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Making Dallas Even Better

First Look at the Dallas of 11/22/63

If you’ve forgiven the Hulu adaptation of Stephen King’s novel — about a time traveler who aims to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy — for snarling traffic downtown last October, you might want to check it out when it drops on the streaming site on Feb. 15.

Hulu today released the first full-blown trailer for 11/22/63. Of particular interest is its CGI re-creation of the Dallas skyline of 1963:

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All Clichés Are Bigger in Texas Award Nominee: The Day We’ve Long Dreaded Is Here

Bravo made it official this afternoon:

But there’s even more Housewives to enjoy in 2016! Stay tuned for details on The Real Housewives of Dallas, which will debut later next year. And, yes, the series will certainly confirm that everything — including the drama — is bigger in Texas.

God help us all.

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D Magazine’s Catherine Downes Judges Cooking Channel’s Big Bad BBQ Battle

Last week the ever-humble Catherine Downes, our online dining editor, didn’t bother mentioning to us that the reality TV competition that she participated in (as a judge) earlier this year was airing on Sunday night. And, busy as many of us were hobnobbing with the media elite this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to see it until today. Though I’m not even sure I receive the Cooking Channel at my home anyway.

Catherine was great deciding whether Cousins Bar-B-Q bested the roving chef from Brooklyn around whom the entire two-episode “series” is contrived. You can see her beginning just after the 18-minute mark. I was surprised to learn that she’s apparently been moonlighting for “Dallas Magazine.”

The show filmed the day of this year’s Snowmaggedon, and it took poor Catherine nearly three hours to drive to the location in Fort Worth and another couple hours to drive back home to Dallas. They didn’t pay her nearly enough for this.

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Who Will Star in Bravo’s Ladies of Dallas?

If you haven’t heard, Bravo has a new reality show in the works called Ladies of Dallas. No air date yet. But it sounds perfectly horrible, like everything else that airs on Bravo. Here’s how the network describes it:

“From glamorous galas to scintillating scandals, and supersized spending habits, life in the elite tier of the Dallas social scene is hard to crack, and even harder to maintain. Whether driven by vanity, personal validation, or career advancement, these Lone Star ladies all share the same goal- to climb the social ladder and stay on top.”

So the question is: who will be the ladies of Dallas?

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How a Hashtag Brought a Frisco Teen Virtual Worldwide Fame

If you spend any reasonable amount of time online, you likely encountered mention on Monday of the #AlexFromTarget hashtag — which was tied to a photo of a teenage boy at work as a checker at Target — having gone ridiculously viral. It was chalked up to being one of the great mysteries of the Internet age. A picture of a handsome but otherwise unremarkable-looking young man in the midst of the most mundane of activities somehow got passed from user after user after user on Twitter — and no one could say for sure why.

On Tuesday the CEO of a social media marketing/branding/something startup in Los Angeles gave an interview to CNET in which he took credit for having spawned the hashtag that launched a million tweets by using his network of “social influencers.” But the girl in the UK responsible for the original tweet, Target, and Alex himself all say they’ve got nothing to do with the company, as Buzzfeed reports. So this will likely remain one of the great inscrutable unknowns of this new world in which we live.

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‘Apparently’ Kid Visits the State Fair of Texas for the Ellen Show

A month ago, Ellen DeGeneres announced on her daytime talk show that she was sending Noah Ritter (he of ‘apparently’ viral video fame) as her correspondent to report from the State Fair of Texas. A few weeks ago, a tweet by the Dallas Police Department confirmed that he had arrived.

Yesterday the video of his trip finally aired. My favorite bit is when he tells a Dallas cop to keep two hands on the wheel because “you have a child in the golf cart.”

I will say that Ellen‘s producers could have pushed harder to help Noah make wiser food choices. He’s at the world capital of freaky fried fare, and he opts for the cheese pizza?

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Apparently, the ‘Apparently’ Kid Is Headed to the State Fair of Texas

On Monday’s episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show, she had Noah Ritter — the 5-year-old Pennsylvania boy whose local TV news interview at a county fair went viral this summer. It was his second appearance, and as my wife and I were watching it last night (it’s her TiVo season pass, not mine), he was so delightful to watch that I remarked that Ellen ought to send him around the country as a roving reporter.

Ellen agreed with me, as right at the end of the interview (jump to about the 11-minute mark in this video) she announced that she’s sending Noah to report on the State Fair of Texas. The show was likely taped late last week, so keep an eye out for the kid roaming around Dallas and Fair Park.

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D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: Bowling For Dollars

There used to be a TV game show on which people — ordinary human beings like you and me — would hurl balls at pins in the hopes of winning cash. It was called, in the parlance of the day, Bowling For Dollars. Meanwhile, other human beings — also, presumably, like you and me — would have sent in postcards with their names on them in the hopes of sharing in the winnings if some lucky amateur bowler managed two strikes in a row.

I was going to write about the oddity of this format sustaining a daily program, but then I remembered that we live in an age of televised naked daters and naked survivalists, so who are we to judge? (After all, I know what you’re thinking at this moment: Why hasn’t naked bowling reached the airwaves yet?)

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The Good Guys: A Look Back

Four years ago around this time, you could have tuned into Fox on a Monday night and watched an hour-long action-comedy called The Good Guys, shot in Dallas and set in a semi-accurate but definitely made-for-TV version of Dallas. Prior to its debut in June 2010, I spent some time on the set and wrote several thousand words about the show. Some of those words were dedicated to what The Good Guys could do for our city, both economically and culturally. It could give the city’s rank-and-file members of the TV and film production community steady work and maybe (maybe!) change people’s perception of Dallas, the ideas formed by J.R. Ewing’s various machinations and Chuck Norris doing spinning axe kicks in a cowboy hat.

Well, it didn’t.

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Kacy Catanzaro Destroys American Ninja Warrior

Okay, yes, I watch American Ninja Warrior. My only defense: I have an 8-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy. It’s hard to find programming on which the whole family can agree (the wife will tell you that she gets no vote whatsoever). And, yes, while watching Monday’s broadcast, I cried. Teared up, really. But let’s not quibble. My defense on that front: I cry easily.

Monday’s show was the Dallas finals. Never has a woman completed a full course. On Monday, 5-foot-tall, 100-pound Kacy Catanzaro did it. Truly amazing. See for yourself:

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Casting Call for New Dallas-Based Reality Show: $30,000 Millionaires

Remember Jay Gormley, the one-time reporter for Channel 11? Remember his movie idea, $30,000 Millionaires, a comedy about “five vacuous Dallas bachelors striving to maintain upscale lifestyles via maxed-out credit cards”? It looks like it will become a reality [pause] show on television. The producers of Jersey Shore, The Osbournes, and Punk’d are planning to shoot the show in Dallas. From the casting call:

We are in search of Dallasites making less than $40k a year who are clever, creative, and resourceful enough to live like rock stars on a shoestring budget for an all new television series! Despite the bad economy, you have a pimpin’ ride, you’re dressed to the nines, and can make it on the guest list at the hottest clubs in town. How do you do it? Show the rest of the world how to “fake it until you make it!”

I think former city councilman Dave Nuemann should apply. Show ’em how he used his old city-issued parking pass to park for free all over town! Show ’em how he duped the Police and Fire Pension System to give him a $5,000-per-month contract to do nothing! I’d watch.

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Erykah Badu Crashes NYC Newscast

Hat tip to Central Track for bringing me (and by extension you) this video of Erykah Badu jacking around with a guy doing a standup in New York City. Check out both the Vine and the YouTube versions. Girl was determined to get some play.

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Brett Shipp Still Looks Good in His Oakleys

We first took note of Brett Shipp’s penchant for reporting from behind his sunglasses in 2011, when we saw the delightful video of John Wiley Price shoving the Channel 8 newsman. We’ve brought up his eyewear a few times since. Last night he was at it again, this time wearing his Oakleys while knocking on someone’s door who didn’t want to talk to him. I am posting this screen grab because the Oakleys situation is important, and you need to be aware of it.

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Dazed and Confused on Al Jazeera America

FrontBurnervians who know me as a reactionary, mediocrity-defending supporter of Texas conservative things might be surprised by my appearance last night on Al Jazeera America’s Real Money with Ali Velshi show, talking about Toyota. (Al Jazeera’s the outfit that took over Al Gore’s old cable channel, Current TV.) Between sputtering something about how “shops” will benefit from the Toyota move—and a record number of “Uh’s” (Jeanne Prejean counted 47, I think)—I also neglected to correct the (substitute) host when he called me the editor of D magazine. (Sorry, Cristina!) I don’t think Cal Jillson has anything to worry about.

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