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Making Dallas Even Better

Will Jamie Benn’s Gold-Medal Play Lead to More Glory In Dallas?

Team Canada didn’t want Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn this summer, leaving him off the squad it took to orientation camp in Calgary. And, I know I’m oversimplifying here, that’s why Benn ended up as one of the heroes of the team’s run to a gold medal in Sochi. The snub prompted him to dig in and earn his way onto the team — force his way, really — with 24 points in the first 24 games of the season; he was added to the team in January. It was a strange decision to leave him off Team Canada to begin with, since he’s one of the brightest young talents in the NHL. But that only makes it a better plot point when they finish the super-polite, made-for-CBC movie about these guys.

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State Rep. Jason Villalba, to Lt. Gov. Candidates: ‘Illegals Are People’

“Friends, these ‘illegals’ are people. They are human beings who love their little ones just as much as you and I love our little ones. They want a better life for their families and they want their children to have a better life than they have had.”

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Texas Legends Trying to Lure Allen Iverson

From ESPN’s Marc Stein: Iverson has likewise resisted the Legends’ overtures so far this season — as well as a similar offer last season — but sources say that the Legends are trying again now because they’ve moved back to the top of the list in the D-League’s waiver line, meaning they’d have an unobstructed […]

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Young Leukemia Patient Gets a Call From Batman

Must. Not. Cry. Zach Guillot, a Dallas resident and Parish Episcopal student who is battling acute myeloid leukemia, got a call from Batman, aka Christian Bale, last week. Best quote: “Anybody can be Batman. Anybody. Anybody can be as strong as Batman, and help people.” Jesus. It’s nine minutes long, but try not to watch […]

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