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An Open Letter to My Anonymous Tipster

Yesterday I received in the mail a padded manila envelope containing nothing but an unlabeled CD. So I took it back to our I.T. guy and said, “Here, please infect your computer with this mysterious disc, because my MacBook Air doesn’t have a CD drive.” The disc turned out to be harmless — at least to the computer. I’d like to address the person who sent it to me.

Dear tipster, thank you for thinking of D Magazine. I spent about an hour yesterday reading through the hundreds of personal emails, going back several years, you were kind enough to send. I didn’t read every single one. After the first 50 or so, I think I got a pretty good idea of what you wanted me to understand. I skimmed from that point.

D Magazine is not inclined to publish information about a couple’s messy divorce, even if that couple is a high-profile one. If there were a larger issue at stake, something in the public’s interest, that would be a different matter. From what I gathered, this divorce doesn’t come anywhere near meeting that standard. It’s just a sad, ugly, very personal situation. I deleted the emails from the computer I used to read them. And I’ve thrown the CD in the trash.

But there is something — or some things — you sent that I will make use of. The eight Forever stamps on the envelope weren’t canceled. Those I will reuse. Cheers.

Who Is Getting Married at The Mansion This Weekend?

A curious FrontBurnervian writes to us with a question:

Have you driven by The Mansion lately and seen the HUGE tent/wedding space that is being built on the front lawn? All the staff and people involved seem to be very hush-hush on whose wedding it is this weekend.

The first question, I can answer. No, I have not seen the huge tent. But the implied question, I cannot answer. I’ve also been told that the entire restaurant has been reserved — and redecorated. Can’t be cheap. Anyone want to drop dime on the couple in the comments?

Parsing the Aldredge House Controversy

I keep trying to ignore the Aldredge House controversy, because I guess I keep thinking it will just go away. In addition, people whose opinions I like and respect have come down on opposing sides of the issue.

As I understand it, the deal is that the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance, a fairly well-heeled group of individuals, owns a fantastic, well-preserved old house on Swiss Avenue. To support its mission, the Society has turned day-to-day management of the space over to a special events company, which makes it available for weddings, parties, etc., much to the chagrin of surrounding neighbors.

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Houston Press Publishes Story That UT Southwestern Probably Didn’t Enjoy

Yesterday the Houston Press published an interesting story about a high-profile society couple that left town in March under strange circumstances and moved to Dallas. Beth and Jess Moore had amassed a mountain of debt, and they ran a cancer-fighting nonprofit whose finances raise lots of questions. I can only imagine that the folks at UT Southwestern wish the Press had published its story before the organization hired Beth to be the director of development for cancer programs.

Why Marcos Ronquillo Will Never Be Mayor of Dallas

Last night the Dallas Museum of Art held their annual Art Ball fundraiser. As they have in years past, the museum created a parody video (below) intended to stoke chuckles under the tent raised for the black tie hot spot on the city’s social calendar, and perhaps score a little internet buzz in the subsequent days. The video is chock-full of (white) people you should know if you circulate around the halls of power and money and art in Dallas, collectors and patrons, curators and museum administrators, scenesters and socialites. Notably featured is Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, who hams it up alongside DMA museum director Maxwell Anderson, who plays the front man in a remake of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” I find the whole thing a little grating and embarrassing, for the museum and everyone involved, though as the DMA’s media relations will surely remind me, I am certainly not in the video’s target audience.

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Billionaire Bites Back: Judge All But Tosses Dallas Art Collector’s Lawsuit

The tawdry tale of a multimillion dollar work of art, a widowed patroness, a powerful Mexican billionaire, and the little, red faced museum stuck in the middle of all of it took yet another turn in its four-year-long court battle. Dallas mega-collector Marguerite Hoffman’s lawyers convinced a jury late last year that debt baron David Martinez broke a confidential agreement when he sold at public auction a painting by Marc Rothko, which was sold to him by Hoffman in a hush-hush deal. Now, a judge ruled Friday that Martinez did not violate any agreement.

To recap:

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Richard Patterson on Jim Schutze’s “Culture Mob”

Richard Patterson is a big-deal British painter who lives in Dallas. After reading my post yesterday about Jim Schutze’s anti-intellectual view of the Nasher, Richard sent me a few words on the topic. And by “few,” I mean 2,400. Bear in mind, he banged out this ditty in about two hours. It makes me angry […]

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Dallas Opera Taps Frenchman as Third Music Director in Company’s History

The Dallas Opera has only had two music directors since its founding 56 years ago. Graeme Jenkins just took his final bow with the organization after almost 25 years at the conductor’s stand. Today, his successor was announced, and yes, it’s another European to lead a local classical music organization (which had some music watchers […]

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12-Year-Old Jackie Evancho Sang for Everyone’s Supper at Klyde Warren Park Donor Dinner

Despite causing a traffic jam around downtown Dallas last night, the Klyde Warren Park donor dinner was a hit. Stilettos were left at home and flats were making the rounds. Everywhere you looked there were power types like Mayor Mike Rawlings, Margaret McDermott, Ross Perots Jr. and Sr., Ebby Halliday, Elaine Agather, Owen Wilson and […]

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Betches Love SMU

There’s a thing called Betches Love This. It’s kind of like Stuff White People Like, only instead of white people, you’re talking about betches. And a betch, if you don’t know, is just another word for that other word. Anyway, the anonymous betches over at Betches Love This periodically break down a university, betch-wise. Yesterday […]

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D Magazine’s Raya Ramsey Talks Giving Back For the Holidays on WFAA’s Daybreak

Our very own online lifestyle editor, Raya Ramsey, acquitted herself nicely this morning on WFAA’s morning show, Daybreak. But that dastardly host Ron Corning cut her off before she could plug our website featuring even more ways to celebrate the holidays: She’ll get you next time, Corning.

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Real Housewives Russell Armstrong Remembered as a Good Friend

Last week, Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong, hanged himself. Some say his actions were a result of what was about to be aired in the next season of RHBH. Bravo, which airs the series, is now apparently re-editing its latest season because the impeding divorce between […]

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