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Making Dallas Even Better

If You’re in Town For the College National Championship, Boy Does Dallas Have a Deal For You!

In January 2009, I lived in a two bedroom apartment right outside Washington DC. If you remember January 2009, and particularly Washington DC in January 2009, you will remember it as basically a modern-day gold rush. It was the first time—if memory serves—that Craigslist was used for anything other than “M4BBW; will bring wine coolers.”

It all went something like this:

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Video: Cowboys Fan Doesn’t Take Monday’s Loss Very Well at All

As Tim wrote Tuesday morning after the Cowboys loss to the Redskins, there’s no reason to freak out about a 6-2 start to the season. But at least one Cowboys fan couldn’t control his emotions after Monday’s loss. Actually, he basically tore apart his entire apartment (including ripping a kitchen counter clean off the cabinets) in a display of pure fan anguish that is surely fueled by alcohol and, frankly, kind of depressing to watch. Imagine what this guy would have done after Game Six if he was as big a Rangers fan as he is a (drunken) Cowboys fan. Deadspin has the (language NSFW) video.

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I Paddled the Trinity River Rapids and Lived To Tell This Story

You are hereby invited to read a story, if you haven’t already, that I wrote for the June issue. The online headline is the SEO’ed (I guess) “How I Survived the Trinity Rapids,” but the print version headline, which I prefer, is “Here Be Dragons.” In ye olden tymes, that’s what mapmakers would write when they didn’t know the lay of the land (or ocean). Those were parts unknown. Places to be feared. That’s how I read Jim Schutze’s reporting on the Dallas Wave.

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Local Couple Finds Ancient Megalodon Tooth in Florida

Two local high school teachers found something special while on vacation in Venice, Florida recently. Wes and Kerry Kirpach found two halves of a giant shark tooth, experts believe once belonged to a megalodon, a prehistoric shark that may have been up to 60 feet long. Scientists believe the megalodon shark went extinct somewhere between 4 […]

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Twenty Years Ago Today, the Dallas Cowboys Destroyed the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII

If the pains of the past three seasons are still too much, don’t continue reading. Just skip ahead to watching Michael Jackson’s Halftime Spectacuganza. I’m watching it with fresh eyes – I was eight when it first aired – and it’s glorious. Multiple Michaels, a lightshow during daylight, James Earl Jones, everything. As for the […]

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Texas Legends Trying to Lure Allen Iverson

From ESPN’s Marc Stein: Iverson has likewise resisted the Legends’ overtures so far this season — as well as a similar offer last season — but sources say that the Legends are trying again now because they’ve moved back to the top of the list in the D-League’s waiver line, meaning they’d have an unobstructed […]

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If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Time for an Outburst at Commissioner’s Court

Some day, I think, voters will suddenly get very tired of theatrics in their county commissioners, and will instead want to vote for people who want to conduct business without, I dunno, calling people bobos. And yet, today’s Dallas County Commissioner’s Court outburst is brought to you by Maurine Dickey, who was upset about a […]

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Trader Joe’s, Looking For Your First Dallas Store Location? Give Half Price Books a Call

With the news that Trader Joe’s has decided to bring its peculiar brand of grocery stores to Texas, I expect that the company will be hearing from Half Price Books about a possible spot to set up a first shop in these parts. A few weeks back, I had occasion to be chatting with Sharon […]

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Dallas Readies For Redistricting

From City Hall comes word that it’s Redistricting Commission time again. Has it been 10 years since the last decennial figures were released? Time flies, friends. Time flies. If you have some definite opinions on precinct boundaries, click here for a list of meetings. See you there. At all of them. Bring cookies.

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