Shirt Connects Man to 31-Year-Old Denton Murder

This is strange. A Minnesota TV station reports that 53-year-old Robert Otteson was arrested in Lakeville, Minnesota, for a 1983 murder in Denton. How was he connected to the crime?

Until now, only a sketch existed of a potential suspect. A source told Fox 9 that Otteson’s home was searched this past winter and a shirt was found in the garbage. DNA on the shirt connected Otteson to the murder.

This can’t be accurate, can it? You get away with murder for 30 years but you’ve been holding on to an incriminating shirt all these years?

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D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: Barrett Brown and Anonymous

Considering his future plans, Barrett Brown told Tim Rogers in early 2011: “I might move to New York or L.A. I might stay here. Or I might be in jail.”

Frequent readers of this blog know already which of those relocations came to pass, because Brown has lately been our Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution correspondent. He was arrested in September 2012 after posting a video online — following an earlier FBI raid on his apartment — in which he threatened to kill federal agents. He got some good news in March, when the government dropped most of its charges against him. He no longer faces the prospect of a 105-year prison sentence, but he still awaits sentencing (on Oct. 6) for obstruction of justice and those death threats he made.

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Leading Off (8/13/14)

“I’m Pissed Off at America,” Says Doug-e-stan Founder: Douglas LeGuin is sitting in jail, charged with seven counts of aggravated assault on a public servant. Those counts stem from his luring of police and fire officers to the North 40 Lane subdivision off Frankford Road, booby-trapping a house with propane, then shooting at the officers. “I seceded from the nation,” LeGuin told a police dispatcher. “This is Doug-e-stan right here.” All shooting and booby-trapping aside….Doug-e-stan? Doug. Come on. You could’ve even just used LeGuin, if you wanted to keep it familial. It would’ve sounded like a French colony. Now it’s just Doug-e-stan, which sounds like what Kevin James might’ve called his garage on King of Queens.

Weatherford Police Continue Search for Flag-burner: [Puts on deerstalker hat]: look for the kid with the NIИ logo Sharpied into his physics notebook, the one who’s got nothing else to do on a Monday night two days before school starts again. I don’t think we’re looking for a hardened criminal. [Removes deerstalker hat.]

Cowboys, Raiders Fight During Practice: Wait, I should’ve said “Cowboys, Raiders, and Random Fan Fight During Practice,” because, bizarrely, that’s what happened. The fight started when Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne tackled a Raiders player; there was supposed to be no tackling at the practice. Raiders players rushed to their teammate’s defense, and so did a fan. The fan hit Claiborne twice with his hand, and once with a helmet. A good joke: “Get that man a Cowboys jersey!!!!”

Pet Buffalo Shot to Death: Her name was Precious and she was beautiful and someone trudged 400 yards through the brush to shoot her. Teddy Roosevelt would not be pleased.

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Did Anyone Notice That the City Council Showed Real Leadership Last Week?

Steve Blow’s column over the weekend was right on in pointing out that Mayor Mike Rawlings’ idea of a buffer zone for sexual predators is not a good one. But it goes beyond the reasons Blow mentions. Not only does it sometimes make it tough on people who don’t fit our typical idea of what a sex offender is, it’s also bad policy. In fact, some experts argue buffer zones make children less safe. And it should be noted that the Council did an outstanding job acting like leaders and not pushing through an ill-considered ordinance.

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Poll: Which is the ‘Coolest’ Dallas Suburb?

Last week, as Peter noted, Forbes released its ranking of America’s “coolest” cities. Dallas came in 10th, falling from 4th the year before. Never mind that their criteria seems bogus, given that Houston once against was higher up the list than Dallas. That’s not what I’m here about.

Forbes‘ list got me thinking about our own recent comparative list of the finest places to live (other than Dallas) in North Texas: the best Dallas suburbs. One criteria we used was something we termed “ambiance” score. You can read our explanation of it here, but I think I’m perfectly within my rights to conflate our notion of “ambiance” with Forbes‘ notion of “cool.”

To that end, I’m asking you today to pick the coolest Dallas suburb. Your options come from the 10 suburbs to which we gave higher ambiance scores than Dallas (which got an 84 out of 100). Highland Park was tops with a 96, but does that make it the coolest?

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TIME Takes Note of Ladar Levison’s Plan To Change Email Forever

In case you missed it (if only an initialism for that phrase would catch on so that I could stop typing it all out), over the weekend, TIME put up a story filed from Las Vegas, where the annual Defcon hacker fest was held. In a speech at the conference, Ladar Levison laid out his plans to re-engineer the way email works. I’m biased, but I wouldn’t bet against him.

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Leading Off (8/12/14)

Frisco Teen Charged With Killing His Parents. It appears that a 16-year-old shot his mom and dad. The kid is in custody but is not being identified because of his age. The victims are 48-year-old Ryan Callens and 49-year-old Maria Elena Callens.

Herrera’s Closing Its Maple Avenue Restaurant. They are looking for a new spot. But the move has some folks in tears. Quick suggestion: the Loon teams up with Herrera’s. Loony Herrera’s. Who’s in?

Orlando Scandrick Suspended. The Cowboys cornerback will miss the first four games of the season for partying with strippers and using the Cowboys bus to pick up girls at a nightclub on Sunset Boulevard. Ha! That would be funny, wouldn’t it? No, no, no. He was suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs.

Wallace Hall Censured. The UT regent was reprimanded for misconduct and incompetence, but he’s still got his gig. Ask him if he’s bothered by it. Go ahead. Ask him.

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Is NCTCOG Staff Dictating Regional Transportation Policy?

Question: What is Michael Morris, the transportation director for the North Central Texas Council of Governments, trying to do in this Dallas Morning News piece on I-345 that ran over the weekend? (I know, I know. Tired of this topic yet?)

Morris states that the NCTCOG and TxDOT will not support the proposal to replace I-345 with a boulevard:

“There’s not much our office is going to be able to do to help them and there’s not much TxDOT’s office will be able to do.”

Then he fires off this one:

“I have found no one above my pay grade that supports the elimination of the main lanes of 345.”

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Dallas Maritime Museum Dream Sinking, Not Sunk

I’ve never really understood Dallas’ bid for a maritime museum. We’re a land locked city on an unnavigable river whose mid-19th century forays into aquatic transportation were abandoned with the arrival of the railroad. And yet, the idea of dedicating a museum to the maritime has been floating around for some time, most recently popping up in one of the fancy schmancy architectural plans that reimagined how to connect downtown to Dallas scant waterfront.

Well now it looks like dreams of the maritime museum are receding further to the horizon. The gambit centered on the acquisition of the USS Dallas submarine, which was supposed to be decommissioned this year, but now won’t be available until at least 2016. Without the centerpiece display, members of the museum’s board, which includes some prominent politicos, have turned their eyes to acquiring the former presidential yacht. But why stop there? Since Dallas is bent on honoring histories that have nothing to do with its own history (c.f. the bronze bulls), why not try to build our own space center, open a museum of Appalachian culture, or buy enough pieces of the Berlin Wall to reassemble a mile or so it somewhere downtown? Actually, I may like that last idea.

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John Oliver vs. Ace Cash Express and Other Payday Lenders

Last night on his HBO show, John Oliver did a 16-minute segment on predatory payday lenders, including Irving-based Ace Cash Express. Oliver rightly went on the attack against an industry that legally gets away with charging usurious interest rates and (as we’ve mentioned before) trains its employees in how to catch customers in a vicious cycle of borrowing.

He played clips from this explanatory video produced by Ace, which features a pleasant woman pleasantly describing how the company “will work with you” if you can’t get a loan paid back on time.

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Leading Off (8/11/14)

Fatal Shooting in Oak Cliff Involves Off-Duty Officer. A man, believed to be unarmed, was shot by an off-duty Dallas police officer at West Twelfth Street and South Rosemont Avenue on Sunday evening. The officer, wearing a uniform and driving a marked vehicle, responded to a 911 call about the man, who had been harassing women on the street, as part of the DPD’s Extended Neighborhood Patrol program. According to police, the officer shot the man after he refused to comply with orders and moved toward the officer in a “dangerous” manner.

Rangers Win. A bearded player named Nick Martinez appears to have had a good game on Sunday. It would also appear that this win ended a seven-game losing streak to the Houston Astros. By now, you can tell that I am a baseball expert and I can stop typing.

Supermoon Mutes Meteor Showers. Unless the people you follow on Instagram really let you down, you know that the full moon was 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger last night. In addition to making Remus Lupin 14 percent more testy than usual, that brightness upstaged the Perseid meteor shower.

It Rained Yesterday. And it might very well rain today.

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