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Making Dallas Even Better

Is There a Bubble Hockey Table in Dallas?

Yes, that’s what it’s called. Bubble hockey. It’s also apparently called “rod hockey” and “table hockey.” All funny sounding, but that’s not the point. You know the type of game I mean. Not air hockey. The International Bubble Hockey Federation site says there is only one table in Texas, at Woody’s Tavern in Fort Worth. But […]

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You Can Own Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bathtub, For the Low, Low Price of $235

A few months ago, before I took this position, I interviewed Jane Bryant, who owns a crumbling apartment building off Davis Street in Oak Cliff. The conceit was this: Lee Harvey Oswald used to live there, the city wanted it torn down due to its condition. The city won, sort-of – read some of the […]

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Fox 4 Interviews Morning Host (and I Ponder the What Ifs of Life)

Uncle Barky is reporting that Good Morning Tulsa‘s co-anchor Laura Moss was seen interviewing at Fox 4 on Monday. According to Barky, “the initial tip on Moss said that she was a likely candidate to replace incumbent Good Day anchor Lauren Przybyl.” Though he does mention there are other opening, so she may be looking […]

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