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Ask John Neely Bryan: How Much to Tip For a Growler of Beer

Question: No doubt you are enjoying the beer renaissance in Dallas. In your day, did they have growlers? That’s what confuses me a bit. How should one tip when one gets a growler filled? The bar wench does the same thing she’d do if you’d ordered a pint. The effort, for her, doesn’t increase much. So do you tip her a buck, same as you would if you’d ordered a glass? Or do you tip her based on the value of your purchase, which, depending on your druthers, could mean upwards of $20 (meaning a $4 tip)?  — Thirsty in East Dallas

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Jerry Jones Lawsuit Settled This Morning After Late-Night Lawyering

So that dancer dropped her sexual assault suit against Jerry Jones. Oddest detail from this story: the settlement was reached at 3 a.m. today. Surely they didn’t start early this morning and work for a couple hours. What time did they start yesterday? Did they take a dinner break? At, like, 11 o’clock, why didn’t they say, “Guys, let’s all go home, get some rest, and then get back at this at, oh, say 9:30 tomorrow”? More questions: does this mean that Jerry is guilty and didn’t want this thing to go to trial? Does this mean that every exotic dancer he encounters in the future — and surely there will be future exotic dancers — will file a lawsuit against him? The dancer initially wanted $1 million. Did she settle for $50,000? Does she have to pay taxes on that?

UPDATE (11:54) Jerry’s attorney sends along the following statement: “”We are pleased with the Court’s Judgment against Ms. Weckerly. Ms. Weckerly’s allegations were false. This case is over.” He also sends along a copy of the judgment, which dismisses the legal action by the plaintiff with prejudice, giving her no money.

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Watch Strokers Live Webcam, Stuff That’s NSFW

I know that Chris has already told you what to do in Dallas this weekend. But let’s say someone has kidnapped you and locked you in a closet with nothing but 3 pounds of brisket from Pecan Lodge and a laptop with a wifi connection to the internet. Of course, your captor would have to be pretty stupid, because then you could just email the cops to come rescue you. Let’s imagine, then, that you welcome the downtime. There’s a beanbag chair in the closet. It’s not so bad. Anyway, what you could do is point your browser to the the live webcam going at Rick Fairless’ Strokers. It’s their 18th anniversary this weekend, and, having once spent an afternoon at the place, I can pretty much guarantee that things will get dicey — in an entertaining fashion. Right now, not much is happening. Some Led Zeppelin is playing the background. A guy is sweeping up in front of the stage. But just hang in there. In a couple hours, you’ll be happy you stayed in your closet.

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D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: The Stoneleigh, Heartbreak Hotel

Have you heard anyone refer to the Stoneleigh Hotel on Maple Avenue as Le Méridien Dallas? I haven’t, thankfully. Just like when the Melrose Hotel on Oak Lawn was rechristened with a corporate name — in that case, the Warwick — local tradition has remained important enough that ownership had to maintain the historic moniker.

I understand why these hotel operators feel the need to place established brands on their acquisitions. They want to reassure out-of-town visitors who’ve stayed at their other properties, but who are unfamiliar with Dallas, that they will receive the same quality of experience they’ve had in other cities. It’s the same reason that McDonald’s continues to do big business — familiarity counts for a lot with consumers. Why risk eating at a mom-and-pop burger joint that may not be any good when McDonald’s is right down the street and you know precisely what you’re going to get, as mediocre as it might be?

So there’s financial sense in enticing guests to book a room at Le Méridien Dallas, The Stoneleigh (the property’s mouthful of an official name). But I don’t have to like it, and neither should you. It dilutes and degrades the sense of place that the hotel built over the decades — even after its major renovation in the mid-Aughts — to paint it as just another link in a chain. Good for business, bad for the soul.

I feel this loss even more painfully after re-reading A.C. Greene’s November 1977 story about the prevalence of recently separated and divorced men living at the Stoneleigh. It’s one of the 40 greatest stories ever published in D Magazine.

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A Less Than Complete Recap of Last Night’s ‘Best of Big D’ Party That Includes an Appearance by Pat Green

A good time was had by all, I believe, at last night’s Best of Big D party at the Rustic. DJ Sober and Sam Lao were great. The drinks flowed freely. Much food went into many mouths. And so on and so forth. But I will tell you this: before the front moved through, it was a little steamy. The meteorological conditions occasioned my favorite moment of the night:

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Go See Rod Davis This Thursday at Louie’s

Rod Davis, for those who don’t know, has done two tours of duty at D Magazine. His last cover story for us, about the drought draining North Texas lakes, came in 2006. Now he’s the director of the Veterans Support Office for the Texas A&M University System. And he’s a novelist. On Thursday, he’ll be signing copies of his new book, South, America (yes, there’s a comma in the title), at Louie’s. Here’s Gary Jacobson’s review in the News. Signing starts at 6, but if I know Rod, he’ll be there earlier.

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Where I Am Currently Considering Having Cocktails on Friday

My wife is out of town. She left me in charge of our kids for five days. I think I speak for fathers everywhere when I say that as soon as my lovely bride returns to town, I am going to cash in my accumulated brownie points and go on an epic, NSFW rumshpringa the likes of which North Texas has not seen since the days when the Cowboys were running the White House. You heard me. So I’m casting about for something to do on Friday. And, lo, comes the included digital flier inviting me to eat and greet and drink with Courtney Kerr and Tori Gonzalez at a joint in Plano called Blue Martini, where patrons are encouraged to “dress to impress and show off your ego!” This is so me. Who’s in?

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D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: The Starck Club’s Prince of Ecstasy

I couldn’t help thinking back to an ancient regret of my own when reading the story of Rodney Kitchens, a man who literally brought Ecstasy to the legendary Starck Club at its mid-’80s hedonistic heights. The article, which first appeared in the October 1989 issue of D Magazine, is the first of the 40 greatest stories in our print product’s history that we’ll be highlighting over the coming months. Read the whole thing here. Our excuse for revisiting the past is the 40th anniversary of the first issue of D, an event we’ll officially celebrate this fall.

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Our 9 Favorite Super Bowl XLVIII Watch Parties in Dallas

Maybe you care about the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks; maybe you don’t. What you might care about is that it’s the last football Sunday for a while. After this week, you’ll have to find another excuse to avoid doing things around the house on the weekend. Until then, you’ve got one more day to enjoy, and it’s a big one. Make the best of it with one of these watch parties.

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See the Best Dallas Nightlife Photos of 2013

Maybe you’re not one for hitting the nightclubs or the trendiest bars, dressing up (according to Dallas’ social requirements) to spend the night drinking and dancing. Maybe you can’t stand the crowds or the music that’s so loud that you can’t hear yourself think. Maybe.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a swing through our favorite nightlife pictures of the year. You’ll find lots of pretty people, dressed up and dressed down, making the most of our decadent age in this great city.

Find them right this way.

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Leading Off (8/19/13)

Dallas Resident Killed After Being Deported to Mexico, And Other Tales From the Immigration Front: If you are looking for a poster family to represent the tangled mess of immigration legalities and illegalities which destroy lives and families, take the Carreras. Rosa Hilda Carrera came to the states illegally as a mature adult. She brought with […]

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