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Making Dallas Even Better

WFAA Gets Everyone’s Hopes Up, Says We Might Have a White Christmas

From Steve McCauley’s Facebook page: And here is the latest weather guess for Christmas Day. Our “little” upper-air disturbance in Alaska has rapidly intensified o online pharmacy ver the last 24 hours and will soon make that hard right-hand turn toward the US West Coast. All data continue to suggest this will evolve into a […]

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Texas Drought Worries Escalate

Only a quarter-inch of rain fell – on average — across Texas in November, prompting meteorologists and climatologists to worry about a second (third? fourth? thousandth?) wave of the state’s crippling drought. The rain report for Dallas-Fort Worth for the month was even more bleak – .05 inches, according to the Star-Telegram, the fifth-driest on […]

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Leading Off (8/20/2012)

Welcome To Ground Zero In The Fight Against West Nile: That’s what the Washington Post calls us in its report about the aerial spraying “that has the county divided,’ giving Jim Schutze the last word: “this entire spraying exercise in Dallas reeks of public panic and political exploitation.” Meanwhile, spraying continued Sunday after a rain […]

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Leading Off (7/16/12)

Grandma, Baby Survive Wild Middle of The Night Adventure Unscathed: Elizabeth Smith’s grand baby was sick, and so early Saturday morning around 3 a.m. she headed to a 24-hour pharmacy in Pleasant Grove. On the way back, a man in a passing truck stopped and told her to get in his vehicle. Smith refused, the […]

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