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Making Dallas Even Better

Texas Drought Worries Escalate

Only a quarter-inch of rain fell – on average — across Texas in November, prompting meteorologists and climatologists to worry about a second (third? fourth? thousandth?) wave of the state’s crippling drought. The rain report for Dallas-Fort Worth for the month was even more bleak – .05 inches, according to the Star-Telegram, the fifth-driest on […]

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Leading Off (8/20/2012)

Welcome To Ground Zero In The Fight Against West Nile: That’s what the Washington Post calls us in its report about the aerial spraying “that has the county divided,’ giving Jim Schutze the last word: “this entire spraying exercise in Dallas reeks of public panic and political exploitation.” Meanwhile, spraying continued Sunday after a rain […]

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Leading Off (7/16/12)

Grandma, Baby Survive Wild Middle of The Night Adventure Unscathed: Elizabeth Smith’s grand baby was sick, and so early Saturday morning around 3 a.m. she headed to a 24-hour pharmacy in Pleasant Grove. On the way back, a man in a passing truck stopped and told her to get in his vehicle. Smith refused, the […]

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Leading Off (10/17/11)

Rangers, Meet Cardinals: Let the break downs begin: Battle of the sluggers; don’t underestimate the birds; teams have only met once before; both teams trust bullpens; storied Cards have historical edge; unofficial NPR poll favors Cards; it’s tough to hit homers in St. Louis; schedules/projected lineups. Occupy Dallas Shoved Out of Pioneer Plaza: While Occupy Dallas […]

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Leading Off (10/10/11)

This Week’s Perry Controversy: You have to question the judgment of any politician who willingly stands within 200 yards of the ever–controversial Dallas First Baptist pastor (and our neighbor!) Robert Jeffress. Last Friday, Jeffress introduced Perry at a “Values Voter Summit,” and then proceeded to dismiss Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Mormonism as “false religions” (which, […]

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