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Making Dallas Even Better

Leading Off (2/7/14)

It’s Still Messy Out There. Most of us won’t see more snow fall today (a 20 percent chance), but it’s still bone-chillingly cold, and the high temperature is expected to get only slightly above freezing. Roads refroze over night in many spots, making for icy conditions. Most schools are open, though many districts have delayed the beginning of classes this morning. Continue to be careful out there.

Jacksboro Residents Without Natural Gas. Not only did liquids in the distribution system result in service being cut for 1,200 customers in the town, meaning an extremely cold night last night for many, but it also forced one poor family to put up with Scott Gordon of NBC 5 doing a live shot from their living room.

Kelcy Warren is a Jackson Browne Superfan. He’s  the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, and he’s got so much money that he spent millions to name a park for his young son. His wealth also affords him the chance to live the dream of financing his own vanity entertainment project just because he feels like it. So what’s he do? He produces a 22-track tribute album of artists like Lyle Lovett, Don Henley, Bruce Springsteen, and Bonnie Raitt covering songs by Jackson Browne. Me, I’d have paid for the production of new episodes of Firefly or bought the Chicago Cubs. Pretty sure that means I’d make a better billionaire than Warren.

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WFAA Gets Everyone’s Hopes Up, Says We Might Have a White Christmas

From Steve McCauley’s Facebook page: And here is the latest weather guess for Christmas Day. Our “little” upper-air disturbance in Alaska has rapidly intensified o online pharmacy ver the last 24 hours and will soon make that hard right-hand turn toward the US West Coast. All data continue to suggest this will evolve into a […]

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Texas Drought Worries Escalate

Only a quarter-inch of rain fell – on average — across Texas in November, prompting meteorologists and climatologists to worry about a second (third? fourth? thousandth?) wave of the state’s crippling drought. The rain report for Dallas-Fort Worth for the month was even more bleak – .05 inches, according to the Star-Telegram, the fifth-driest on […]

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Leading Off (8/20/2012)

Welcome To Ground Zero In The Fight Against West Nile: That’s what the Washington Post calls us in its report about the aerial spraying “that has the county divided,’ giving Jim Schutze the last word: “this entire spraying exercise in Dallas reeks of public panic and political exploitation.” Meanwhile, spraying continued Sunday after a rain […]

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Leading Off (7/16/12)

Grandma, Baby Survive Wild Middle of The Night Adventure Unscathed: Elizabeth Smith’s grand baby was sick, and so early Saturday morning around 3 a.m. she headed to a 24-hour pharmacy in Pleasant Grove. On the way back, a man in a passing truck stopped and told her to get in his vehicle. Smith refused, the […]

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