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Did Bass Pro Shops Steal a T-shirt Idea From The Lodge?

Michael Precker, the writer-in-residence (and manager) at The Lodge, sent me the two images you see here. One is a t-shirt that Bass Pro Shops sells. The other is a t-shirt The Lodge, one of our city’s most well-known gentleman’s clubs, has been selling for four or five years. Precker says his boss, Dawn Rizos, the generous owner of The Lodge, came up with the original concept and a bartender named Bryan drew it.

I called and emailed the media relations people at the Bass Pro Shops headquarters, in Springfield, Missouri, to ask when they started selling their version of the shirt. So far I haven’t heard back. The company website says it’s “new.” Here’s the description:

Is your wife or girlfriend nagging you again about your “honey do” list? We can help. Pick up our Bass Pro Shops® Problem Solved Fishing T-Shirt. This short-sleeve funny T-shirt sports front screen-printed graphics with a 2-panel story. In the first, a woman yells and shakes her finger at her man. In the second, the man sits in his boat, fishing and smiling. Problem solved!

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Leading Off (7/1/15)

John Wiley Price’s Co-defendant Will Plead Guilty. Christian Lloyd Campbell filed court papers saying he will plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery, and he could testify against Price. In exchange, Campbell is looking at a recommended sentence of no more than three years in prison.

Another Controversial Video Involving the McKinney Police. Stop me if this sounds familiar: There’s a video of a police officer in McKinney drawing his gun and yelling at unarmed young black men. Some people think the officer was abusive, while other people (including his fellow officers) think he did a fine job.

Grapevine Volleyball Coach Charged With Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Teens. Damian Merrick owns the Grapevine Volleyball Club. He’s accused of giving teenage girls marijuana and assaults in a parking lot and a hotel room. It looks like Merrick has already been scrubbed from the club’s website.

Gay People Will Soon Be Able to Get Married in Granbury. Wonderful detail alert: The Hood County clerk who posted a statement explaining why she wouldn’t be issuing same-sex marriage certificates — and then another statement, later, explaining that yes, her office will actually issue them soon, even though she doesn’t like it — is named Katie Lang.

Rangers Activate Josh Hamilton. He joined the team in Baltimore for the first time since being sidelined with a strained hamstring and had two hits in last night’s win. The Rangers sent rookie sensation-turned-mortal Joey Gallo down to the minors, where he will likely distinguish himself like an eagle in a league of pelicans.

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What Happened to FrontBurner Comments?

Long-suffering FrontBurnervians have likely noticed that our commenting system has changed. Yes, we’re transitioning to a new system today, and in the midst of doing that, we’ve not yet been able to restore comments previously made on posts and articles. We’re working on it.

Also, we’ve not yet set up our moderation tools, which is why if you’ve tried to make a comment today you may not be seeing it.


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D CEO Named Best Regional Business Magazine in U.S.—Again

The Alliance of Area Business Publishers is a national outfit that represents regional and local business magazines and newspapers with a combined circulation of more than 1.2 million. Every year the group puts on an editorial competition that recognizes excellence in journalism, photography, and design. This year the competition drew more than 620 entries, with judging by faculty members from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Among nine AABP awards for 2015 that D CEO picked up at the group’s conference Saturday night—compared to the seven it won last year and eight in 2013—D‘s business publication was named the best regional business magazine in America, for the third straight year. All the details are over on our business site, D Business Daily.

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D CEO Again Named Best Regional Business Magazine in U.S.

For the third straight year, D CEO was named the country’s best regional business magazine in The Alliance of Area Business Publishers’ annual Editorial Excellence awards. The “gold” or first-place award for Best Magazine was one of D CEO’s nine awards in the annual competition, which honors excellence in journalism, photography, and design. In all […]

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Everything We Ever Wanted You to Know About Dallas Neighborhoods

Let’s talk a moment about the elasticity of “neighborhood.” Sometimes the word is used to refer to an entire quadrant of a city, while some people wouldn’t dare call someone from three streets over a “neighbor.” It means pretty much whatever we want it to mean. That’s either useful or frustrating, depending on your outlook, or whether you’re off your meds.

I was talking about this with a fellow from North Texas Real Estate Information Systems — the company that keeps track of regional home sales data — a few months back. NTREIS relies heavily on the self-reporting of individual agents. He noted how inconsistent Dallas-area agents are in their use of the “subdivision” field when logging information about a property. One agent might dutifully type “Bent Tree North #3” while another reports a house on the same block is simply in “Bent Tree.”

This results in it being exceedingly difficult to track trends at a level as specific as a “neighborhood,” whatever that word means.

Anyway, read on to find out about our new neighborhood guides.

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Ask John Neely Bryan: Postcard From John Neely Bryan

To: The Editors of D Magazine Partners, Esq.

From the desk of: John Neely “T-Bone” Bryan

The memo herewith filed should be considered written notification I, the highly treasured advice columnist of your mildly competent organization, am temporarily vacating this space for the purposes of recreation, merriment, and general jollification. You are hereby requested and required to communicate this information to the readers — who shall suffer in my absence — by means of a web log posting.


John Neely Bryan is the founder of the city of Dallas and an expert on all matters. Email him for advice, to have a dispute adjudicated, or to seek his wisdom on any of a myriad of topics, at

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Leading Off (6/24/15)

Police Call Missing Hurst Woman’s Disappearance “Suspicious.” Norma Shultz, 72, went missing on May 19. Her husband reported her absence to the police nearly a week later. Shultz’s daughter says her stepfather hasn’t been able to answer any of her questions. Police say they haven’t received any tips.

Lots of Thoughts of the Resignation of Mike Miles. A few places have timelines of the three years Miles has been in charge of DISD. Here’s an editorial lauding his accomplishments. And also, in the same publication, Steve Blow saying Miles was never a good fit in the first place.

Local News Outlet Finds Local Store Selling Confederate Flags. Even after Walmart and Amazon announced that they will stop selling Confederate merchandise, and Sears announced both that it still exists and that it will stop selling Confederate stuff, WFAA found a Dallas store that is still selling the Confederate flag. The place that has the nerve to sell this incredibly controversial flag is — get this — a flag store.

Rain Brings Out Alligators and Snakes. There are also more nutria and turtles. Deer too, apparently. Most of the sightings have been in Lewisville or in Tarrant County.

Mavericks Might Trade Monta Ellis. The incredibly dynamic shooting guard is owed $8.7 million for the one year remaining on his contract. It’s also possible that Ellis will opt out and test the free market. The Mavs have made it clear they have big plans for the off-season.

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Don’t Forget to Tell Us How You #StayCoolDallas

Now that we’ve survived Tropical Storm Bill, our old friend the sun has reappeared to recommence the annual trial by fire known as summer in Dallas. Remember that you have until the end of this month to tell us how you #StayCoolDallas and thereby enter for a chance to win a $200 gift card to the Grove at Harwood. More info here.

Check out some of the entries we’ve received so far:

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Help Wanted: Seeks Online Managing Editor

Always wanted to work at D Magazine World Headquarters? An opportunity has opened up:


Online Managing Editor

A website is like a shark — it has to constantly move forward or it dies. seeks a managing editor not only adept at keeping our shark in motion, but also capable of helping to steer the beast in new directions. Our average site traffic has nearly doubled just in the past year, and with that great success comes the great responsibility of keeping fed the insatiable appetite of our readers for a continuous rotation of ever-changing content. The duties of this position involve management of two of our most important annual contests: the Best of Big D and the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas. Regular tasks also include planning, editing, and publishing articles and galleries to the travel, fashion, nightlife, legal, and health channels of our website, plus serving as Tweeter-in-Chief of @DMagazine. The perfect candidate will boast top-notch organizational skills, have an eye for what makes a great online story, know how to craft great headlines, obsess over minor details without losing sight of the forest for the trees, hit every deadline, possess a great sense of visual style, and love reading and writing about life in Dallas. Previous experience working for a magazine, newspaper, or online publication preferred. Send cover letter and resume to

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Leading Off (6/10/15)

Eric Casebolt Resigns From McKinney Police Department. The entire resignation consisted of two words: “I resign.” The 10-year veteran of the department will keep his pension and benefits, but could still face criminal charges. McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley said yesterday that Casebolt was “out of control” on Friday night. Charges against the only person arrested at the party have been dropped. Plenty of people are pleased. Others are disappointed the officer didn’t apologize. And some, who think of Casebolt as a hero, are disappointed he resigned at all. (If you haven’t seen this yet, here is a former police officer explaining what Casebolt did wrong, and the difference between “warriors” and “guardians.”)

Four Dallas Officers on Leave After Suspect Dies. On Monday, four officers responded to calls that 25-year-old Ross Anthony was banging on car windows and running through traffic. One officer used a Taser. Police say paramedics at the scene provided Anthony immediate medical attention. He was eventually taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. Probably not the last we’ll hear about this.

An Adoption Decades in the Making. This is a nice story. A 92-year-old Dallas mom officially adopted the 76-year-old woman she’s thought of as her daughter for more than 60 years. “I wanted her to be mine,” said Muriel Clayton. “And she is!”

The Texas Rangers Are Good. Yesterday the Rangers visited former manager Ron Washington in Oakland and won 2-1, moving their record to 31-27. The team is in second place in the AL West, two games behind the Astros. Also, Juan Gonzalez and Jeff Russell are headed to the club’s Hall of Fame.

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Poll: What’s to Blame For the McKinney Pool Incident?

Now that the country’s media elite have seen fit to pay attention to what went down at that Craig Ranch pool party, you’ve doubtless come across a host of articles and columns and on-air hot takes offering various explanations/defenses/hand-wringing.

Is it yet more evidence that white cops unfairly treat black citizens? Is it that the residents of this upscale neighborhood pushed the police to do what they did because interlopers from “other parts of town” had invaded their concrete oasis? Or are the kids at primary fault?

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The Daily Show Introduces the World to the ‘McKinney Bikini’

Last night on the Daily Show, after Jon Stewart recounted last Friday’s incident, correspondent Jessica Williams showed up dressed in a swimsuit with full body armor beneath: “a McKinney bikini.”

She joked that what happened at Craig Ranch actually represents progress since no black people ended up shot.

Afterward, on the Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore took aim at some of the “awkward media coverage,” including responding to a lame defense of the cop’s behavior by one neighborhood resident, who said that the officer had just done what anyone else would have done.

“No, anybody else would be like, ‘calm down teenagers while I arrest the crazy racist lady who started this s**t,'” Wilmore said. He followed that up by noting that Fox News’ morning show un-ironically broadcast a segment on summer pool safety just after reporting on what happened in McKinney. This prompted Wilmore to offer his own safety advice, first for white kids (“don’t run by the pool,” “don’t dive in the shallow end”) and then for black kids (“don’t go to the pool.”)

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What’s Your Dallas Neighborhood’s Icon?

For reasons that will become clear a number of weeks from now, we’d like to hear from you what you consider to be the iconic site/place/feature/plant-life/etc. of these Dallas neighborhoods? In other words, what image first comes to mind when you’re thinking about these places?

  • Downtown
  • Uptown
  • Oak Lawn
  • North Oak Cliff
  • Lake Highlands
  • Preston Hollow
  • Lakewood
  • Old East Dallas
  • Deep Ellum
  • Lower Greenville
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Design District

Share your take in the comments.

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