One Man’s Appreciation of The Ticket

Early this morning, before the sun was up or the coffee was brewed, my 5-year-old son asked me if I knew what day it was. “Friday,” I said, not sure where he was going with this. “Noooo,” he replied, clearly disappointed that today’s significance was lost on his poor, dumb father. “It’s Ticketstock Day,” he […]

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Why Florida Beats Texas: A Memo to Sean Hannity

Mr. Hannity,

We understand that you’ve had enough of tax-and-spend liberal New York. Bully for you. We’ve heard that you’re eyeing either Texas or Florida for your big move, and that you might even run for office in your new home state.

We’d like to help you decide which side of this fork in the road to take. Consider:

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D Magazine Needs a Copy Editor and Quick

Want to join the D Magazine team? We have an immediate opening for a freelance copy editor. What this means is you need to find all of our mistakes and fix them before we go to press. Know the difference between gray and grey? Adviser and advisor? Towards and toward? Love the serial comma? No? Okay, can you learn to love the serial comma? Wonderful. Here are the details:

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Why You’ve Seen More Business Coverage on FrontBurner

Look, I could give you an explanation for why the eyes of loyal FrontBurnervians were forced the last couple days to endure an unprecedented onslaught of having to scroll past additional business news content at absolutely no charge. I could give you that explanation but it would bore you, and it would bore me. The short version is that we’re launching a new weekly business newsletter today, and we needed a spot within our website in which to house that news.

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Unforgettable D Magazine Images of 2013

I’m a words guy, but I have been known to enjoy a pretty picture. It seems unfair, sometimes, how a photographer or an illustrator can create a vivid image that tells the story in a single glance while we poor writers have to slave away for hours to assemble a series of thousands upon thousands of ancient Roman symbols into precisely the right order to do the same, all in the often vain hope that people will read all the way to the end.

Plus there are no typos in photography. There are no homophones around to mess with the mind of an illustrator. It’s not fair.

But I shall set my jealousy aside for a moment to acknowledge that our magazine would be a truly awful reading experience were it not for the contributions of the visual artists and designers who work with us.

Here are some examples of what I mean. Enjoy.

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DMN Bids Goodbye to WFAA Because the Partnership Never Really Worked

The Morning News and Channel 8 had been drifting apart for years. Most of the cross-polinization came only at the highest level of management. The truth is that the print-broadcast marriage had dissolved, and the companies’ efforts at “content-sharing” looked more like divorce-lawyer meetings than newsroom brainstorming sessions.

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Crain: Alan Peppard Read Our Kidd Kraddick Story, Likes It

And he called it a “touching, startling piece.” Which it is. So that’s awesome. Very nice of Alan to say. Keep in mind I really mean that.

I just don’t understand — and this isn’t at all Peppard’s fault — why the Dallas Morning News headlines it on its homepage “Peppard: Kidd Kraddick hid cancer from co-hosts, daughter, new report says” and on the actual post, “Peppard: Kidd Kraddick had cancer and kept it a secret, according to D magazine story.” The story is on sale now, and it hasn’t been exactly hard to find on our website. Alternate headline: “Peppard: I Read a Story.”

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UT Regents Honor Wildenthal, DMN Says, And … Remember Our Investigation?

Reasonable observers might view the regents’ appointments as vindication for the former president of UT Southwestern. As an admission that this hounding of a good man out of his office last year was flat wrong. But, don’t look for anything like that in the Dallas daily. When it comes to Kern Wildenthal, like I said, some reporters and editors at The News just can’t help themselves.

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Morning News Stories on DISD’s Overpaid Real Estate Broker Were Top-Notch

I give Dallas’ Only Daily a lot of grief in this space for its education coverage, so I think in the spirit of fair play I should single it out for praise: This week’s stories (first on here, second here) on the goofy real estate deals — wherein a real estate broker was paid an exorbitantly high commission of 9 percent — were great watchdog-y stuff.

The lead from the follow-up story neatly sums up what was at issue here:

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