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Making Dallas Even Better

The Top 10 Things I Learned During My First Month at D Magazine

1) Walking into the D Magazine office is like walking into a Mindy Kaling sitcom version of a magazine. The star of the D show is Elise Evans, who opens every scene. More of a Gwen Grandy character, Elise is perky, friendly, impeccably coiffed, and runs the front of house. Like the director of the CIA, she secretly knows the results of everyone’s personality and aptitude tests, making her the most powerful person in this place.

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Dallas Intersections That Would Make Fantastic Aliases or Elmore Leonard Characters, Ranked

30. Cole Armstrong

29. Richmond Summit

28. Stewart Lausanne

27. Victor Glasgow

26. Prescott Bowser

25. Michael Klondike

A job this size would take money to get up and running, and that’s where he came in. His family had made a fortune in candy, but he saw himself as something else, something tougher, even if no one else did. But maybe now they would.

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Coppell Is the 8th-Best Place to Live in the U.S.?

Here’s some of what Money had to say about Coppell, in naming the city on its annual list of the Best Places to Live. Are they trolling Patrick Kennedy?

Coppell has made a virtue of concrete. The ring of freeways that surrounds the town also shields it from Dallas’s sprawl … Those freeways also give residents easy access to the airport (a 10-minute drive) and the big cities of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Clearly the editors of Money have lost their minds, since we established last year that Coppell is only the 13th-best Dallas suburb. You might also remember that the city that topped last year’s Money countdown was McKinney. I don’t believe that its absence in 2015 has anything to do the aftermath of  its pool parties — the magazine seems to like to turn over the entire top 50 each year, alternating between ranking towns with populations of 10K-50K and cities populations 50K-300K — but I’m going to guess that it might keep it from making a return trip in 2016.

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Mayor Mike Rawlings’ Strange Case for the Trinity Toll Road

Back in December, Mayor Rawlings met with the Dallas Morning News editorial board to make his case for the Trinity toll road. At the time, the story was reported by the DMN, with subsequent editorializing on FrontBurner by Jason Heid and Wick Allison. I was also tempted to write something about it at the time, but dropped the idea after the pieces by Jason and Wick appeared. Since then, however, I find myself going to back to re-listen to the audio recording over and over. It’s not that politicians don’t say crazy things at times. We all know they do. It’s the idea that someone, somewhere, thought the DMN editorial board would find this pitch persuasive.

What I’ve attempted to do below is step through the mayor’s case point by point.

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Why Is Dallas So Boring, Windy, Hot, and Cheap? Our City According to Google Autocomplete

Inspired by another blogger’s mapping of the United States based on what Google autocomplete suggests when you type “why is _____ so” in the search box, a guy in Atlanta recently compiled the same information for the top 50 U.S. cities by metro area population. (H/T The Atlantic.) The idea is that, since Google presumably […]

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The Most Popular D Magazine Stories of 2012

Did you know that, in addition to glorious photography and helpful advertising, each edition of D Magazine comes chockfull of words? It’s true. Those expanses of black-and-white renderings of ancient Roman symbols aren’t just randomly cast onto the page to fill space between doctor’s ads, no sir. They’ve been carefully assembled and arranged by a team […]

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2012 Year in Review: Dallas Arts and Culture

I reread all our blog posts from the last year so that you don’t have to. Jokes aside, 2012 was good to us. I present to you the year that was, in Dallas arts and culture. (Items are numbered, but in no particular order.) 1. Ben Fountain was nominated for a National Book Award for […]

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McKinney, Allen, Flower Mound, Mansfield Make Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live List

Money has published its annual rundown of the 100 best small cities in the United States, and four North Texas cities make the cut: McKinney, Allen, Mansfield, and Flower Mound. There’s not a detailed methodology on the website, but the list apparently factors in the value of homes, job growth, how well jobs pay, what […]

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