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Mayor Mike Rawlings’ Strange Case for the Trinity Toll Road

Back in December, Mayor Rawlings met with the Dallas Morning News editorial board to make his case for the Trinity toll road. At the time, the story was reported by the DMN, with subsequent editorializing on FrontBurner by Jason Heid and Wick Allison. I was also tempted to write something about it at the time, but dropped the idea after the pieces by Jason and Wick appeared. Since then, however, I find myself going to back to re-listen to the audio recording over and over. It’s not that politicians don’t say crazy things at times. We all know they do. It’s the idea that someone, somewhere, thought the DMN editorial board would find this pitch persuasive.

What I’ve attempted to do below is step through the mayor’s case point by point.

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Why Is Dallas So Boring, Windy, Hot, and Cheap? Our City According to Google Autocomplete

Inspired by another blogger’s mapping of the United States based on what Google autocomplete suggests when you type “why is _____ so” in the search box, a guy in Atlanta recently compiled the same information for the top 50 U.S. cities by metro area population. (H/T The Atlantic.) The idea is that, since Google presumably […]

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The Most Popular D Magazine Stories of 2012

Did you know that, in addition to glorious photography and helpful advertising, each edition of D Magazine comes chockfull of words? It’s true. Those expanses of black-and-white renderings of ancient Roman symbols aren’t just randomly cast onto the page to fill space between doctor’s ads, no sir. They’ve been carefully assembled and arranged by a team […]

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2012 Year in Review: Dallas Arts and Culture

I reread all our blog posts from the last year so that you don’t have to. Jokes aside, 2012 was good to us. I present to you the year that was, in Dallas arts and culture. (Items are numbered, but in no particular order.) 1. Ben Fountain was nominated for a National Book Award for […]

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McKinney, Allen, Flower Mound, Mansfield Make Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live List

Money has published its annual rundown of the 100 best small cities in the United States, and four North Texas cities make the cut: McKinney, Allen, Mansfield, and Flower Mound. There’s not a detailed methodology on the website, but the list apparently factors in the value of homes, job growth, how well jobs pay, what […]

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Making Deron Williams An Offer He Can’t Refuse, Unless He Refuses It, But I Hope He Doesn’t, But He Might

As you may have heard, Deron Williams — this summer’s No. 1 free agent target, and former star at The Colony — has apparently narrowed down his choices to the Brooklyn Nets and Your Dallas Mavericks. Williams can make more money with the Nets, and presumably win more games in Dallas playing with Dirk Nowitzki. […]

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Rand McNally/USA Today Contest Names Denton, Frisco, Gainesville Among Best Small Towns in U.S.

Rand McNally and USA Today are running a contest called the Best of the Road Rally. Three North Texas cities made the finals. Specifically, Denton is a finalist for the Most Fun Small Town in America.  Frisco is a finalist to be named Friendliest Small Town. And Gainesville is a finalist for Most Patriotic. (“Small […]

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Why is The University of Texas at Dallas the State’s Most Expensive Public University?

So the Texas Tribune on Friday published one of those public-data pieces that they do so well. This one presented a sortable list of the the average annual cost of tution and fees at public universities in Texas. When you sort the list to the find the most expensive, you discover it’s the University of […]

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The Most Popular Baby Names in Texas, or What Not to Name Your Children For The Next 5-10 Years

My mother, bless her, didn’t know the sort of inconveniences she was saddling me with when she named me. When she was growing up, in the 1960s, there were relatively few children named “Jason” to be found. She didn’t know that, in the 1970s, when I was born, “Jason” would see a sudden surge in […]

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