Leading Off (5/21/14)

Dallas Legislative Race Expensive, Nasty: The runoff battle for House District 108 between Republicans Morgan Meyer and Chart Westcott has already cost more than $2 million, but the bitter tone of the campaign is now waging a personal toll. Yesterday, in the latest twist, Kevin M. Curley II quit in protest as chairman of a PAC that supported Westcott after the campaign sent an anti-Meyer flyer which included “a fake Meyer mug shot, a bottle of liquor and a roadway with a streak of blood.”

Could an Expensive Special Benefit Plan Bring Down Dallas Police-Fire Pension Fund? The Deferred Retirement Option Plan, or DROP, sounds like a pretty sweet deal. When a cop or firefighter hits retirement age, he or she can start collecting pension benefits while still earning a full salary. The pension is invested in a special account that earns 8-10 percent interest a year. The problem is, while intended as an incentive to keep experienced veterans on the job, DROP costs the pension fund more than $100 million a year. Pension fund officials told the Dallas city council yesterday that those costs have out-paced low interest rates and the fund’s under-performing real estate investments.

Allen Faces $600K to $1 Million in Repairs for Eagle Stadium: The $60 million dollar high school football stadium deemed “not safe” faces upwards of $1 million in repairs. Fans are bracing themselves for a season played on the road in Plano.

Man Missing at White Rock Lake: Dallas Fire-Rescue crews still haven’t located the body of a man who was seen jumping into White Rock Lake yesterday afternoon. Witnesses say the man struggled to tread water before going under and not coming up about 40 yards from the shoreline.

No, He’s Not Johnny Manziel, But Dallas QB Pick Still From A&M, Has Sideshow Appeal: TMZ doesn’t care about Dustin Vaughan, the Cowboys’ undrafted QB signing from West Texas A&M. But Vaughan, described as a “gym rat,” does have a workout parody video that has drummed up a few hundred thousand views on YouTube.

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Leading Off (12/9/13)

Dallas Still Battling Icepocalypse. Some 14,000 are without power this morning, Dallas ISD is closed for another day, and roads remain dicey. But there’s good news, too. The brief Sunday temperature increase enabled DART to get some trains up and running this morning. These eager runners ran a marathon anyway. And just be happy you’re not on this highway in Parker County. But please be safe out there.

The Chanel Show Must Go On. The valet parker at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel asked me yesterday if I was there for Chanel (I wasn’t), but that must mean folks are starting to appear for Tuesday’s show at Fair Park. And buzz is building in the Twitterverse, as StyleSheet reports. Let’s just hope everyone can catch a flight in. I’d hate for all of these celebs to not see Dallas in its ice-covered glory.

American Airlines and US Airways Set to Merge Today. There was one last effort to block the merger over the weekend, but the Supreme Court rejected the attempt. Now, the two airlines will become one. And not just any one. But the LARGEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD. The first bit of changes will happen in January as frequent fliers will be able to use miles on both airlines, but other than that, things will look pretty much the same until 2015 when the FAA gives the airline a single operating certificate.

Oh, One More Thing: GO BEARS. Rogers and I still don’t have a wager, but I suspect that will be determined today. Or maybe he’ll forget about it and we can just watch the game separately and in peace. Right.

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Leading Off (11/25/13)

Weather Leads to 300 Flight Cancellations at DFW. Although Sunday remained pretty well devoid of any of the winter weather meteorologists have been forecasting, DFW canceled hundreds of flights, nearly a third of its daily volume, according to NBC. Weather did wreak havoc elsewhere in the state, as the bus carrying Willie Nelson’s band crashed […]

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Leading Off (10/28/13)

Wendy Davis Bringing Out the Big Guns. It looks like the Democratic Senator from Fort Worth isn’t messing around. She’s hired Karin Johanson to manage her gubernatorial campaign. That’s the same Johanson who helped Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin defeat a rather beloved (in Wisconsin) former Gov. Tommy Thompson in 2012′s Senate race. Baldwin became the first […]

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Leading Off (9/30/13)

Atlantic Dubs Ted Cruz Leader of a “Third Party:” For some reason, reading about Ted Cruz’s unofficial third party, loosely defined as those members of Congress who would rather see the government shut down (today?) than approve funding for Obamacare, just makes me think of this. Mark Cuban Heads To Court Today for SEC Trial: […]

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Leading Off (8/26/13)

T.D. Jakes Is More Popular Than Jesus: The bishop is expected to draw 50,000 to the first Mega-Fest he has hosted in DFW. No word on how many loaves and fishes have been ordered. DFW Is Thirsty: Yeah, we get it, the region consumes a lot of water. Can’t we just ban the St. Augustine […]

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Leading Off (8/19/13)

Dallas Resident Killed After Being Deported to Mexico, And Other Tales From the Immigration Front: If you are looking for a poster family to represent the tangled mess of immigration legalities and illegalities which destroy lives and families, take the Carreras. Rosa Hilda Carrera came to the states illegally as a mature adult. She brought with […]

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Leading Off: 8/12/13

Did Rawlings Put Pension Fund Over Politics With Recent Board Shake Up? Rudy Bush writes about how the changes Mayor Mike Rawlings made to the police and fire pension system’s board of trustees don’t jibe with the conventional city council wisdom that you make sure you have eight allies’ votes in your pocket at all […]

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Leading Off (7/15/13)

Will Greg Abbott Be the Next Texas Governor? Apparently big political announcements in Texas need to occur within a certain distance of the Alamo. After last week’s Rick Perry announcement in San Antonio that he would not run for governor again, Attorney General Greg Abbott told a crowd of supporters in San Antonio that he […]

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Leading Off (7/1/13)

Will West Dallas Trailer Park Residents Vacate Land for Development — or Squat? Some of the residents of the trailer park off of Fort Worth Ave. near the Commerce St. Bridge have lived in the same spot since the early 1980s. Now they will have to vacate since the owner of the property plans to […]

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Leading Off (6/24/13)

Businessman, Community Leader Is Also Serial Bank Robber: Farmers Branch resident Luis Delagarza was known by his neighbors as an upstanding citizen, a community activist, and a businessman. Then he was arrested in April for a robbery of a Wells Fargo Bank branch. Now the FBI has identified him as the “Mesh Mask Bandit,” a […]

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Leading Off (6/17/13)

Kingston and Callahan Win Dallas City Council Runoffs: Philip Kingston and Rick Callahan won their runoff campaigns this past Saturday. Kingston was the choice of outgoing council member Angela Hunt for her seat. Callahan becomes the representative for Pleasant Grove. With the victories, the Hispanic representation on the city council drops from three to two. […]

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