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Q&A With an Entomologist: Attack of the Mosquito Hawks!

They are everywhere in North Texas. Are they here to suck your blood? Do they mean us harm? What’s the deal with mosquito hawks? I called an entomologist to find out. Mike Merchant is a professor and extension urban entomologist with Texas A&M. He lives here. He knows a thing or two about bugs, and he runs a bug blog that you might enjoy. Here’s the deal:

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International Writing Superstar Michael ‘J.’ Mooney Talks About ‘The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever’

Mike’s not really in the office too much, because he spends most of his days plotting new ways to get on year-end best-of lists. Many of those accolades this year came due to his “The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever.” He was recently interviewed for Gangrey about the story. Listen above.

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IM Just Saying: Christina Rees Talks About Her Somewhat Shocking New Do

I have known Christina Rees since circa 1996. We worked together at the dearly departed Met. We worked together at D. Now she’s the curator of The Art Galleries at TCU. In all the time I have known her (to my recollection), she has always had flowing, wavy-curly hair. I took a survey. This other […]

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WFAA’s Ron Corning: Who is He and Why is He ‘Taking Over The Morning?’

You may know him as the guy from the corny, I mean, Corning billboards and WFAA promos around the city. (You know the ones– “Good Morning, Texas” with the “m” crossed out?) He’s the latest addition to the anchor team of WFAA Daybreak and Midday News. D Magazine intern Bailey Powell sat down with the […]

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Dennis Quaid, Family Guy

Actor Dennis Quaid, who’s been through all the usual movie-star craziness, from addiction to tabloid divorce, seems to have turned into a poster boy for family values. The Houston-born Quaid, who turns 57 next weekend, has moved with his wife, Kimberly, and their 3-year-old twins, Thomas and Zoe, to Austin, where Kimberly is an agent in the family real […]

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