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The Real Reason Tom Davis Threw His Phone Into Turtle Creek

As was reported yesterday on FrontBurner, the FBI is searching Turtle Creek for Tom Davis’ phone. More details have emerged that I can now share with you. Davis, the former chairman of Dean Foods, a Fortune 500 company, had been in Aspen, where he enjoyed some down time at his second home and ate a wonderful meal at Matsuhisa Aspen (toro tartar with caviar). Upon his return to Dallas, he and a friend went to the Highland Park Village Starbucks, where he ordered a venti drip. Despite specifically requesting room for cream, Davis was not given room for cream. Then, in the parking lot, a group of women from Tyler, in town for a shopping trip, made it difficult for him to negotiate the sidewalk. Davis was so outraged over the whole experience that hurled his phone into Turtle Creek. Several weeks later, Davis rejected what he called his “serf name” and changed it to Mohammed al-Ghazali al-Saqqa.

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How You Can Make a Difference in Someone’s Life This Holiday Season

There are a number of us here at D Magazine who are partial to downtown’s City Tavern, which is a few blocks from our HQ. Okay, maybe I’m just talking about me and Zac. Anyway, it’s a great spot. Ate lunch there today. Which is when I heard about the plight of young Charles Alexander, whose picture you see here. His mom, Alicia, is a bartender at City Tavern. Charles was born November 28. Last week, Alica found him in his crib, not breathing. He’s at Children’s and is on a ventilator. Alicia and her husband, Brian, have been at the hospital pretty much nonstop since their boy fell ill. As you might imagine, Christmas is going to be tough on them. They have limited insurance coverage, and neither parent has been able to work. Alicia’s co-workers at City Tavern have set up a GoFundMe page for Charles. Pitch in, if you’re inclined.

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I Apologize For the Other Two Flags. Here Are Some More Dallas Flags.

On Wednesday, I made a new Dallas flag and it rubbed a few people the wrong way. I guess my attitude about the whole thing is probably what did it, but that’s armchair quarterbacking. At any rate, yesterday I attempted to apologize for the first flag as well as my attitude with another flag, and though it was meant as an olive branch, I basically just threw that olive branch on the fire and then dumped gasoline on top of that, and then put on sunglasses and walked away while it all exploded.

One of the commenters suggested that what Dallas needs is something it can rally around. I didn’t type “How about a city that actually works?” and instead thought about it some. That commenter is right. What I neglected to do is involve you, the citizenry, in the process. So now, to rectify that, I offer you some choices. Never forget: I love you.

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Is There a Bubble Hockey Table in Dallas?

Yes, that’s what it’s called. Bubble hockey. It’s also apparently called “rod hockey” and “table hockey.” All funny sounding, but that’s not the point. You know the type of game I mean. Not air hockey. The International Bubble Hockey Federation site says there is only one table in Texas, at Woody’s Tavern in Fort Worth. But […]

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Saucy Pictures of Jennifer Nicole Lee at the W Hotel Pool

See here. I did not know who Jennifer Nicole Lee was until I read part of her Wikipedia page. And I took no joy in looking at pictures of her in a tiny bikini at the W Hotel pool. But she’s a celebrity and this happened locally and so it’s my duty to bring you this […]

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Whose Terrible Signature Is This?

I got a letter the other day, from someone most of you know. This person is fairly recognizable in Dallas; their signature is not. First person in the comments who guesses the correct scribbler wins, in FrontBurner contest fashion, a random assortment of items from around the office: Jack Black eau de parfum, See’s orange […]

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Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Menu For Cafe 43, the Restaurant at the Bush Presidential Center

Yesterday, news came that the restaurant at the George W. Bush Presidential Center would be named Cafe 43, in honor of Bush’s presidential lineage. The restaurant will open May 1, and will be open to the public, not just ticket-holding center-goers. “That’s what Mrs. Bush wants,” George W. Bush Foundation president Mark Langdale told the […]

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Watch DMX Rap ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’

Earlier today, Peter posted about DMX, the Dallas Museum of Art’s new cultural exchange program. Cliffs Notes: …as part of the agreement to return the Orpheus mosaic, Turkey and the DMA announced the establishment of a new collaboration that will promote the loaning of art and the sharing of expertise in conservation, exhibitions, education, and new media. That agreement […]

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Texas Secessionists Create New Social Network

Facebook: lame Twitter: more lame MySpace: maybe still cool, depending on how many self-taken photos you have on your desktop Texas Social Club: cooler than anything else That’s what the folks at New Republic of Texas want you to think. Forty-three of us (yes, I said us) have signed up for the club so far. […]

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