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Making Dallas Even Better

Does Mike Rawlings Know He’s the Mayor of Dallas, Not Dallas-Fort Worth?

As Mike Rawlings told the Dallas Morning News editorial board recently, he’s “a numbers guy.” So anchoring all the puffery in his new mayor’s letter was one solid factoid: “According to a recent Forbes study, Dallas is now the fourth fastest-growing city in the country.” Wait, what? I mean, without even checking, I instinctively knew that wasn’t true, not by a long shot. What was this claim doing here? I had to get to the bottom of this.

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Tesla Maybe, Who Knows, Possibly Sort Of Considering Southern Dallas Factory

The idea is certainly eye-catching and extremely heavily qualified: Tesla might be looking at land in southern Dallas for a new $5 billion battery factory. Would that be huge? Indeed, it would. Tons of jobs, and likely a ton of ancillary development would come along with it, too, because workers need places to eat and live and so on. Good times. Yes, sir. But, OK, hold on, where did this information come from?

Michael Morris, director of transportation for the Regional Transportation Council, said an unidentified site in southern Dallas “may be placed under consideration” for the factory and that additional transportation improvements are needed in the area.

Call me “justifiably skeptical.”

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Texas Legends Trying to Lure Allen Iverson

From ESPN’s Marc Stein: Iverson has likewise resisted the Legends’ overtures so far this season — as well as a similar offer last season — but sources say that the Legends are trying again now because they’ve moved back to the top of the list in the D-League’s waiver line, meaning they’d have an unobstructed […]

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One Slip of Paper May Have Stunted Democratic Inroads in Texas

Wick raised the question earlier this morning: How could Democrats take over Texas? It’s a longshot, but a data-based, volunteer-driven organization could go a long way. That road, though, may have just gotten harder. Yesterday, Texas state senators drew slips of paper for their terms. Half received two-year terms, half four-year terms. Wendy Davis, state […]

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Exclusive: We Speak With Dirk D. Dazzler, the Self-Described Spokesman For the ‘Change Klyde Warren Park to Barack Obama Park’ Movement

Earlier this week, it came to our attention that some folks were trying to change the name of Klyde Warren Park to “Barack Obama Park.” Their web presence was scant, but I found them. Here’s an interview with spokesman Dirk D. Dazzler. This is very, very real. Uncomfortably real.

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If Every U.S. State Declared War Against the Others, Would Texas Win?

Someone posed a similar question on the question-and-answer site Quora recently, and U.S. Marine Sergeant  (and North Texas graduate and Dallas resident) Jon Davis picked up the ball and ran about 6,500 words further than anyone anticipated. First of all, I had to reread his lede to make sure what I was reading wasn’t actually happening […]

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How To Fix the Nasher/Museum Tower Issue

So listen, the other day I was watching Superman II and I totally came up with an idea that will fix everything. It happens toward the end of the movie, when General Zod is using his laser beam eyeballs to heat up semi trucks and make them explode. So then Superman comes in and uses […]

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Play-N-Skillz Et Al. Rock My World With “Dallas Freaks”

WARNING: This video is NOT safe for work. Now this is how you make Dallas world class. Forget the Arts District and the Large Marge. They won’t do it like this. The musical artists Play-N-Skillz, Dorrough, Too Short, and Bay Bay have collaborated on a song called “Dallas Freaks,” the gist of which is that, […]

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