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Ask John Neely Bryan: The Secrets Beneath Downtown Dallas

Question: Do you spend any time in the underground Dallas space? Is there anything to do like shop or dine? — Dave S.

Your cryptic query proves a bit of a mind-tickler, as I’m not at all certain to which of our city’s subterranean spots you refer. I could, of course, extoll upon the virtues of any and all of these places. However, some are more secretive than others, and thus it is difficult to judge how much I am at liberty to reveal without inconveniencing many of my most loyal acolytes.

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Ask John Neely Bryan: Why’s the Dallas City Manager Strong While the Mayor Is Weak?

Would you believe that I have, on a number of occasions, been mistaken for impoverished Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price? I attribute these errors mostly to the fact that none of you damned 21st-century folks read anymore, and so your short attention spans equate any similarly triple-christened gentleman with another.

There’s little else that should bind the two of us in the public’s imagination — besides our spectacularly-sized gonads, of course. No inadequately endowed fellow is capable of founding a great American city or dressing like this.

Question: Why does Dallas employ a city manager?  What’s this with a “weak mayor”? — George L.

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What Did We Learn From Last Week’s Fair Park Poll?

If you haven’t noticed, my post last week that asked readers how they would react to the idea of moving the State Fair of Texas out of Fair Park got a wee bit of attention. So much, in fact, that I now keep a bag packed and ready to go by my front door so I can flee the state when the angry mobs arrive in the middle of the night with pitchforks and torches ready to tar and feather me. One thing I’ve learned: admitting you’re a Yankee and then saying anything about Big Tex is the online equivalent of suicide by cop.

Regardless, the amount of feedback that post received does seem to warrant a revisit, at least to sort through the noise. So, what have we really learned?

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Poll: Would You Care if the State Fair of Texas Left Fair Park?

Yesterday Mitchell Glieber, the president of the State Fair of Texas, released a startling statement. Responding to a proposal put forward by Boston-based planner Antonio Di Mambro that completely rethinks the layout and use of Fair Park, the State Fair said that adopting such a plan would “effectively end the 129-year tradition of the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.”

Sound the alarms! Raise the flags! The State Fair could leave Fair Park! How did we get here?

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