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If You Want to Change Your Kid at Nordstrom, Bring a Stack of Quarters

I took this photo recently in a men’s room at the Nordstrom in the Galleria. What you see is a $1.00 fee to change your kid on the changing table. Other, free options, should you find yourself quarter-less with a less-than-crapless child:

- strip your kid naked, bath bottom half in the sink
– change diaper on the floor of the shoe section
– Leave? I don’t know. Again, I don’t have kids.

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Former Dallas City Councilman Dave Neumann Did Not Get a Parking Ticket Today, and Likely Never Will

In May 2011, Scott Griggs unseated Dave Neumann for the District 3 slot on the Dallas City Council. Today, Dave Neumann left a downtown event, hopped into a car on Lamar Street, pulled a quick U-turn, and headed off.

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Giant Chair Appears in The Colony

Got a Big Ol’ Chair. More details: – It’s at State Highway 121 and Plano Parkway – It’s for Nebraska Furniture Mart’s 560,000-square-foot retail showroom and 1.3 million-square-foot distribution center – Nebraska Furniture Mart will anchor Grandscape, a 3.9 million-square-foot monolith that will probably have the capability to detach from Earth and self-sustain, should the […]

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Fort Worth Couple Raffling Off Their Unborn Daughter’s Middle Name

Fort Worth real estate agent Drew Myers and his wife already have the first name of their daughter picked out. Ily will come into the world in August, with an abbreviation for a name: Ily = I Love You. Problem is, they don’t have a middle name for their daughter. That’s where you come in. […]

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Oak Cliff Native Dennis Rodman Is Heading to North Korea, Because Why Not

From the Associated Press: Arriving in Pyongyang, the American athlete and showman known as “The Worm” became an unlikely ambassador for sports diplomacy at a time of heightened tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. Or maybe not so unlikely: Young leader Kim Jong Un is said to have been a fan of the Chicago […]

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