Inside the March Issue of D Magazine

There are things many of us typically don’t discuss. Let’s call them unmentionables. Or perhaps a desire to be polite. Nudity at a spa? It comes with the territory. The fake factor of “reality” television? Why waste your breath? Bathroom business? Goodness gracious, no. Well, in the March issue of D Magazine, we break all of these rules, all for the sake of good stories.

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Leading Off (2/14/14)

DFW Airport Has Refunded More than $648,000 in Parking Charges. The same $56 million system that made entering and exiting a nightmare after it was installed last September has resulted in overcharges to more 4,100 drivers who use toll tags. One guy got a $108 bill for a 10-minute trip to the airport. Another had a bill of $1,096 for an even shorter trip.

Dale Hansen on Ellen Today. Everybody’s favorite blustering old Dallas sportscaster continues to be showered with praise for his “Unplugged” commentary from Monday night’s newscast. On Thursday he was in Los Angeles taping an appearance for Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, which will air at 3 p.m. Friday on NBC 5.

Frisco Principal Resigns After Medicine Goes Missing. David Wehmeyer of Corbell Elementary quit after allegedly stealing drugs from the school nurse’s office.

McKinney Couple Face Tragedy of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. Usually “early-onset” means someone in his 60s or 50s, but Jason Manthe was diagnosed in his 30s. Now his wife Kam must care for him, as well as their four children. The disease has long been known as “the long goodbye” because it strips away the mind of a loved one and leaves only a shell of that person behind. The Manthes’ situation brings a whole other heartbreaking level of meaning to that phrase:

“If somebody dies in a car accident, they’re no longer there and you mourn their loss,” she said. “But you don’t see them every day. But I wake up next to him every day and have to look at him every day.

“The Jason I fell in love with, and the husband and father we know, is not there.”

It’s Valentine’s Day. And a holiday for D Magazine HQ. Hug somebody you love. Then go see RoboCop.

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If You’re Looking For Love, Facebook Says to Head to Fort Worth

The Wall Street Journal and Facebook have teamed up to rank the best places in the U.S. for single people in search of romance. They took social network relationship data from the 50 cities with the most Facebook users, and Fort Worth came out looking pretty great for relationship seekers. It’s in the top five for “likelihood of a relationship” and the top five for number of single females to single males. Overall it’s ranked fourth-best spot for singles in the country, behind only Colorado Springs, El Paso, and Louisville:

This is a rare city with both a lopsided proportion of single women and a high rate of forming relationships. Adjacent to Dallas, Fort Worth is home to a large population of Mexican immigrants.

Meanwhile, Dallas finishes in the middle of the pack, the 23rd-worst place to find love.

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Inside D Magazine’s February 2014 Issue

When news of Tony Dorsett’s chronic traumatic encephalopathy symptoms hit, responses were varied. To me, it was another horrifying example of the dangers of football and a nod to my parents who never let my brother play. But I didn’t grow up in a place where football was life. And I didn’t immediately understand the gravity of Tony Dorsett being the latest player affected.

Zac Crain did.

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Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Is Talking Trash

My radio dial has been stuck on 106.1 FM since high school.  I’ve been listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning since I received the keys to my first car. I listen every morning. Yes, it is different without Kidd, but Kelly, Big Al, J-Si, and Jenna, still make me feel like I’m back in my hand-me-down car; windows are down, bass up, volume set to 10 (that’s loud in my car) pulling into the parking lot filled with Escalades and Mercedes, or what I called, high school.

In reality though, I was listening to the show on my way to D Magazine Headquarters. I took on the job as the research editor back in July. Any D Best project we have falls into my lap (i.e. Best Doctors, Best Lawyers, do I need to go on?)

This morning Psycho Shannon was on talking about her recovery process after doctors found a brain tumor back in November. Sad stuff. Shannon went on to talk about the serious stuff, like her hot doctor (they’re just friends though, because Shannon is gay. Yes, Kelly asked if she was still gay since the brain tumor).

Shannon talked about how great her hot doctor was, mentioning that he was on some “best” list in some Dallas magazine. My head turned to my passenger seat like the imaginary person in the seat next to me knew that Kidd Kraddick in the Morning just indirectly talked about me on the radio. (Well, my job at least).

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Leading Off (1/10/14)

Dallas ISD Tops TEA’s Worst Schools List. On Thursday, the Texas Education Agency released its annual list of low-performing public schools, and DISD had the most below-standard campuses of any district in the state. That’s 57 Dallas schools from which students now have the right to transfer, of 892 statewide. By comparison, Houston (the state’s largest district) had 53 on the list. Because of the switch to a new testing system the last two years, schools didn’t make the grade if their passing rates were less than 50% in any two of the previous three years, or if they were rated academically unacceptable on the old TAKS tests in 2011. Superintendent Mike Miles points out that 12 of the 57 subpar DISD schools, including Woodrow Wilson High School, actually met state passing standards in 2013.

Flu Deaths Spur Rush on Vaccinations. Hard to blame folks for being anxious to get their flu shots after many news reports of 19 deaths from the virus, plus a newly reported case in Wise County in which a man died from the H1N1 strain. The family of 41-year-old Christopher Waskom says he didn’t even known that he had the flu when he passed away on New Year’s Eve. Everybody be careful out there.

Avoid Interstate 30 Across Lake Ray Hubbard. That’s generally good advice during any normal rush hour, but this morning especially. A multi-vehicle wreck before dawn has resulted in the highway being shut down in both directions around Dalrock Road for hours, possibly until midday.

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UT Regents Honor Wildenthal, DMN Says, And … Remember Our Investigation?

Reasonable observers might view the regents’ appointments as vindication for the former president of UT Southwestern. As an admission that this hounding of a good man out of his office last year was flat wrong. But, don’t look for anything like that in the Dallas daily. When it comes to Kern Wildenthal, like I said, some reporters and editors at The News just can’t help themselves.

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Leading Off (11/25/13)

Weather Leads to 300 Flight Cancellations at DFW. Although Sunday remained pretty well devoid of any of the winter weather meteorologists have been forecasting, DFW canceled hundreds of flights, nearly a third of its daily volume, according to NBC. Weather did wreak havoc elsewhere in the state, as the bus carrying Willie Nelson’s band crashed […]

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Lawsuit Filed to Fight Anti-Abortion Bill

Bradford Pearson reports that a coalition of groups led by Planned Parenthood has filed a suit asking a federal court to block restrictive provisions of House Bill 2, the anti-abortion measures that last June state Sen. Wendy Davis filibustered to block. The law goes into effect Oct. 29. Says Planned Parenthood: “The restrictions in this […]

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Leading Off (9/27/13)

The Rebirth of Big Tex. Because of windy conditions yesterday, State Fair organizers couldn’t keep in place the curtains that were meant to hide Big Tex 2.0 from public view before his scheduled unveiling this afternoon, during the first day of the fair. So we all got a look at him yesterday. Now the Morning […]

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Health Insurance Rates For Obamacare’s Texas Marketplace Are Lower Than Expected

Bradford Pearson has many more details over on D Healthcare Daily, but here’s the gist about the numbers, which were released by the Department of Health and Human Services last night: The HHS report found that the average premium nationally for the second lowest cost silver plan will be $328 before tax credits, or 16 percent […]

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When It Comes to the Health Care Uninsured, Texas is the Reddest of Red States

Yesterday the U.S. Census Bureau released its estimates of the percentage of people in each of the country’s counties and states who have no health insurance. There’s an interactive tool on the Census website that lets you drill into the information by race, age, sex, or income level. Based on the data, Jeff Young of the […]

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Small Business Gets a Boost from Obamacare

Dallas-Fort Worth has the most dismal health coverage in Texas and one of the worst of major cities in the U.S. Currently 847,692 individuals—or 24 percent of the population—are uninsured, which places a huge burden on local taxpayers for social services and free hospital care (hello, Parkland!). As Hilary Lau reports on D Healthcare Daily, one of the […]

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