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Handicapping the Race to Play Billy Lynn

Deadline got the scoop yesterday on the gents up the lead role in Ang Lee’s adaptation of Ben Fountain’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Here are the candidates:

Billy Howle (the British series Glue)

Taron Egerton (the upcoming Kingsman: The Secret Service)

Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders)

Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age Of Extinction)

And here’s how we would handicap the competitors:

Egerton: 50:1 odds
Cole: 2,256:3 odds
Reynor: 1,000,000:1 odds
Howle: 1:4 odds

Call it a hunch.

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Tesla Maybe, Who Knows, Possibly Sort Of Considering Southern Dallas Factory

The idea is certainly eye-catching and extremely heavily qualified: Tesla might be looking at land in southern Dallas for a new $5 billion battery factory. Would that be huge? Indeed, it would. Tons of jobs, and likely a ton of ancillary development would come along with it, too, because workers need places to eat and live and so on. Good times. Yes, sir. But, OK, hold on, where did this information come from?

Michael Morris, director of transportation for the Regional Transportation Council, said an unidentified site in southern Dallas “may be placed under consideration” for the factory and that additional transportation improvements are needed in the area.

Call me “justifiably skeptical.”

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The Dallas Version of Basic

At Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan has a super-entertaining guide to every sub-category of “basic” in the United States. The Dallas entry:

Job: Real estate. Maybe marketing.
Drives: A massive SUV her dad bought for her.
Wears: Kendra Scott jewelry, Tori Burch accessories, 7 For All Mankind or Citizens of Humanity jeans. A statement necklace if it’s a special occasion.
Listens to: 106.1 KISS FM.
Spends her summers: Being a bridesmaid. She has been a bridesmaid like 15 times.
Celebrity aspiration: Jessica Simpson.

Do you agree? If you don’t, you’re probably basic. Just kidding. Kind of. No, really. Maybe.

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Former Dallas City Councilman Dave Neumann Did Not Get a Parking Ticket Today, and Likely Never Will

In May 2011, Scott Griggs unseated Dave Neumann for the District 3 slot on the Dallas City Council. Today, Dave Neumann left a downtown event, hopped into a car on Lamar Street, pulled a quick U-turn, and headed off.

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A Special D Magazine Guesstigation: How Did Cowboys Defensive Lineman Nick Hayden Earn the Nickname ‘Golden Cock’?

An alert FrontBurnervian points us to the news that defensive-line coach Rod Marinelli has bestowed nicknames on his current group of starters, collectively called the Fearsome Four. They are as follows: Jason Hatcher is “Big Daddy,” because he reminds Marinelli of Eugene “Big Daddy” Lipscomb; DeMarcus Ware is “Long Arms,” for obvious reasons; George Selvie is […]

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Gordon Keith Goes Paycheck Peeking

The Ticket’s own Gordon Keith has an op-ed today in the Morning News (paywall) about the annual “What People Earn” issue of Parade and about our desire to know what our friends and neighbors and favorite quarterbacks make. Gordon leads his story with an anecdote involving me, Eric Celeste, and Adam McGill. Careful readers will […]

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Exclusive: We Speak With Dirk D. Dazzler, the Self-Described Spokesman For the ‘Change Klyde Warren Park to Barack Obama Park’ Movement

Earlier this week, it came to our attention that some folks were trying to change the name of Klyde Warren Park to “Barack Obama Park.” Their web presence was scant, but I found them. Here’s an interview with spokesman Dirk D. Dazzler. This is very, very real. Uncomfortably real.

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Someone Is Trying to Rename Klyde Warren Park ‘Barack Obama Park’

Carol just directed my attention to possibly the loneliest Facebook page in the history of Facebook pages, the one dedicated to renaming Klyde Warren Park ‘Barack Obama Park.” As of this morning, it had one “like.” The main thrust behind the page: “Who @KlydeWarrenPark was responsible for the decision to name ‘a central gathering space […]

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